Rap Round Table: The Red Beast Is Nearing. Are You Prepared?

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

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Photo illustration by John Seaborn Gray
This Week's Panel: Fat Tony, KAB, Kyle Hubbard, Zavey, Medicine Girl, Mac, Eskabel, Delo, D-Risha, RoderickVonn, A.D.D.

Not Invited: Mario O., who, at John Glenn Elementary in San Antonio in 1992, gave out Valentine's Day cards to several girls with boogers inside of them.

This Week's Prompt: Since it's almost here, here's a pretty ridiculous question: What makes for an appropriate gift for a rapper to give his Valentine?

Brad Gilmore: hasHBrown's Relationsh*t. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fat Tony: A Too Short CD.

KAB: I'm not a rapper.

Rap Round Table: Oh, sorry. Well, what does a monster get his significant other? A box of dismembered limbs?

KAB: Some chocolate covered limbs.

Kyle Hubbard: I let my Valentine take me out for a fancy dinner at an overpriced restaurant and then I let her pay the bill. She loves it.

Rap Round Table: That does sound lovely.

Zavey: A hug.

Medicine Girl: A copy of his (free) mixtape and 'deeeezzz nutz,' or the 'Vitamin D,' as they say.

Mac: Some lingerie is always good to get your chick for Valentine's Day; a professional massage, some candy, jewelry...

Eskabel: I don't have a Valentine, so I wouldn't know.

Delo: Brown Sugar soundtrack.

D-Risha: I would say a simple, obvious yet sappy gift would be a song dedicated to his girl. [laughs] Simple, effective and easy on the pocket.

RoderickVonn: It's time to disappear for the day.

A.D.D.: A trip to Hawaii on a social media retreat while listening to my album, The Aspiring Me, early.

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