Mary Sarah Sings With the Oak Ridge Boys

Mary Sarah is Houston's fastest rising star. At 16 she's already a veteran of the road with big name gigs under her belt like performing the national anthem for the Astros and the Texans, and a recording project that we're not allowed to tell you about yet but can assure you is something that every country singer in America would hack off their own arm for.

How on Earth this bitter, little goth ended up chronicling her career we don't know, but she makes maintaining our scowl damned difficult. Her voice is as big as the state itself, as sweet as a Nerd Rope, and she is, as our father-in-law would put it, the cutest thing in shoe leather. Not only that, but when the call went out last year to help Christian Kidd of the Hates win cancer treatment for his fiancé by having people "like" the Dream Rooms Furniture Facebook in order to secure a donation from the company, Sarah was one of the people who clenched the deal by mobilizing her massive Twitter following. It's only a matter of time before she's too big and cool to talk to us anymore.

In the meantime, she sent along a video of her performing with the legendary Oak Ridge Boys, performing the Connie Francis hit "Where the Boys Are." If you've managed to miss all the evidence of Sarah's incredible vocal talent and legitimacy as the next big thing, then we beg you to take a gander below.

Sarah took a little time out of being awesome to answer some email questions.

Rocks Off: You sang with the Oak Ridge Boys before, right? How did you get in with them?

Mary Sarah: We started chatting on Twitter last year! Then they viewed my YouTube videos and invited me and my family to go the show and meet them last January in Galveston at the amazing 1894 Grand Opera House. My Dad was like "Right....," but then they called him and found out it was legit. When we were having lunch with them (like pinching ourselves) Mr. Joe Bonsall asked me if I could sing anything A Capella and I told him....the Connie Francis song "Where The Boys Are."

I asked him (thinking he meant for the band and the people in the lunch room), "Right Now?" And he said, "No, on the show after Elvira." My parents and I freaked out! That was amazing! I got a huge standing ovation and the called us again this year to come back again! They are the most amazing gentlemen and friends. Mr. Joe said when I make it; he'll come out of retirement and be my road manager one day!

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Mary Sarah
Mary Sarah

Thanks guys for the amazing article!

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