Introducing Treaty Oak Collective, Houston's Newest Promoters

Brandon Lemons is no stranger to the Houston music scene.

If you've been around long enough, you've most likely either seen a show he's organized, or, if you're a real club junkie, sat and had a beer (or three) with the guy once or twice at a venue around town.

The Silsbee, Tex. native broke into the industry at The Mink, where he cut his teeth booking shows, (and playing a few himself), with the hope to earn a strong reputation among local music scene.

Over the years, he's done just that. If you ask around a bit, you'll more than likely hear that Lemons has a knack for placing the right band at the right place, maximizing profit all around. In a city where bands play to empty rooms every night, the guy puts butts in seats... or, barstools, that is, on a nightly basis.

Currently, he's gearing up for a project dubbed Treaty Oak Collective, a venture he hopes will help bring the Houston music scene out of the dark ages of promotion and marketing and into the 21st century.

"It's actually more or less just me right now," Lemons tells Rocks Off. "The whole 'collective' aspect is going to be drawing from other people's skills and resources, almost like a bartering system to help bring up the music scene."

"For example, there are great graphic artists that don't get work contracted enough, and that could be pushing shows better," he says. "I'm not a graphic artist, but I've got good shows. So it's trying to band together artists from across the spectrum to push the art-music medium even further."

What does this mean for music promotion? Well, in theory, Lemons' goal is to continue booking, albeit at specific clubs, in a way that attracts audiences beyond what traditional handbills have accomplished in the past. Treaty Oak is presenting Saturday's American Sharks 7" release party at the new Walter's.

The typical musicgoer wants a tangible memory from a great show, Lemons says. With that in mind, Treaty Oak Collective sees its responsibility as pulling together graphic artists, bands, promoters and clubowners to help that serve that need. In some cases, that includes limited artwork to press a band's gig; in others, specialized online promos for gigs around the city.

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Backed.Awesome dude that doesnt seem to have an ulterior motive, and in a underground music scene that is more rare than a handcut live 7''!


This is great- just what Houston needs. Great job, Brandon Lemons! Hope to meet you soon. =)

Ramon LP4 Medina
Ramon LP4 Medina

Word, Brandon's a dude who's got his heart in the right place and doing things for the best possible reasons.  I wish him the best with TOC.

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