In Ten Years, Will Indie Be Remembered Like Nu-Metal?

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What exactly do you remember from the summer of 2002?

Stop and think -- of the music on the radio, the CDs you were most excited for, who won the Grammy for Best Album, and so on. What exactly stands out from 10 years ago?

If you find that your answer is "Not much," then you're probably like the rest of us: Lost in a haze of fading pop stars, trends and one-hit wonders that we momentarily conjure up every time an adult-alternative radio station spins a classic from the oughts.

It's difficult, we know. But for a moment, transport yourself to a time where Lady Gaga doesn't rule the world; a time where Dave Matthews has hit records; where Chad Kroeger isn't the most despised man in America and where rappers still... well, rap.

To be fair, there were more than a few goings-on in the music world worth remembering: Outkast released a modern hip-hop classic with Stankonia, the Boss reunited with the E Street Band and Apple Inc. released a little gadget called the "iPod," which forever revolutionized the music industry

And when you really work at it, you could probably come up with a few more. That 's how the brain works, after all - one domino at a time.

But of all the potential sights and sounds from '02 deep in your memory bank, what amount, if any, was reserved for Nu-metal?

Nu-metal? Um...

Yes, Nu-metal. Surely you remember the scene: the trips to Hot Topic, the Family Values Tour and the advent of cringe rap-rock.

As clear as day, there it was in the summer of 2002 -- the pinnacle of the generation. Led by releases from Linkin Park, Saliva, Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach, it was nearly impossible to turn the radio on without hearing heavy power chords over a DJ-ed beat, topped off, finally, with a concoction of murder-like screams and white-boy rap.

Though we may not care to admit, we listened. And even better yet, we liked. Whatever reason we claim to have done it, we suited up in the Nu-metal uniform (over-sized black jeans, dark shirt and spiked wristband) and followed wherever our great savior Chester Bennington led.

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FYI Adema just reunited and is allegedly coming out with new music in summer of says wikipedia  

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