Gothic Council Legitimizes Gothic Porn as Art (NSFW)

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This debate starts, as many debates do, with your humble narrator taking a poop. Our usual bathroom reading fair is Lovecraft, the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and our own Liisa Ladoucuer's Encyclopedia Gothica. No book is better for suited for a quick, random flip-through than her exhaustive list of all things goth related, and it was once such episode that led us to the entry for Liz Vicious. We'll let her explain;

VICIOUS, LIZ: An American porn actress of goth persuasion. If you're into that just Google her.

Far be it from us to not follow the instructions of a lady, so we did just that and found dozens of videos of the fairly goth young lady performing many naughty acts. Further searching netted a few other actresses that make up the small, but very hot genre of goth pornography, and it got us thinking.

Is pornography a legitimate goth art, like music, painting, and tattooing are, or is it just something that you can do to make some money? We decided to ask the Gothic Council. Joining us this week is dollmaker Ugly Shyla, fashio designer Batty, DJ Martin Oldgoth, Jvstin Whitney of the Church of Melkarth, living historian Morrighanne Burns, artist Darla Teagarden, and Toby Rider of Ending the Vicious Cycle.

Ugly Shyla: Regardless if it's "porn" goths, punks and general weirdoes all have jobs. And it's a job so I don't see anything weird about it. And of course they will express their fashion style while doing it because they are getting their pic taken or filmed. So you will dress up in the outfit that makes you feel the best.

Batty: I know many consider their jobs a form of art because it is a lot of people's way of expressing themselves. I for one can't disagree with that as I consider fashion (my job) art. So if I use that logic than yes I can see that people who are into porn because they really love it and do it in an artsy way (not just for quick cash) could be considered artists.

Ugly Shyla: I'm with Batty. Doll making, before everybody jumped on the bandwagon with magic markers and cheap acrylic paint, wasn't event considered a cool alt-person's job.

Gothtopia: We don't usually weigh in in the middle here, but we have a follow up question for Batty. Is it wrong to make art for a quick buck?

Batty: No, I think if you are making a quick buck and love what you do, it's great. I love money. I'll sell out for a buck sure thing, but I won't cross moral boundaries, even if mine are pretty lax. Long as they are cool with what they are doing, let the cash roll in.

Martin Oldgoth: Don't see why not, I mean, the old "What is goth?" argument is bad enough. I'd imagine the "What is art?" one is far worse. There is so much "art" that I Personally don't like, or understand, but who am I to say its not art?

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