All Retro Everything: This Week In Houston Rap Videos

Ah, rappers and music videos. Some are vehicles for self-promotion, others are tools used to promote a message, a gaggle of asses or some good ol' wholesome debauchery. In the case of the Houston rap class, music videos are always eye opening glimpses into the future, either telling what a talent could possibly become or how such a talent can make a low budget idea turn into a big budget reward. This week, we get a dose of the '90s, only in 2012. All hail retro!

Artist: AheadOfClass
Song: "Woodstock 69"
Director: Juventus

The Video: Relative newcomers AheadOfClass are made up of two Houston transplants (Will Du's from New Orleans, Gil's from Waco) and two homegrown talents in rapper Tony Del Freshco and producer CP3 (no relation to the guy in Lob City). Swept up in the current wave of making everything slightly old and trendy two decades ago seem new, the stylish makeup of "Woodstock 69" from their Vantage Point 86 EP takes everything that made the '90s awesome and quantifies it into one four minute clip. Bush flipping the bird to signify haters, a shirtless walk with local kids ala City Of God and a high tops. In other words, the identity of rap nihilism now has a dress code and it involves Jordans and flat tops. No word if you might catch ammonia though.

Artist: L.E.$.
Song: "Black Hoodie Rap"
Director: David Stunts

The Video: A regular fixture within this series, L.E.$. decides to stray away from Settle 4 L.E.$. Vol. 2 and instead opt to focus more on his upcoming tape Menace. Remember every inner city hood documentary that started coming out once Boyz In The Hood broke ground? This is exactly that, except L.E.Dolla is in a warehouse while clips of Menace II Society speed through and the Black Panthers remain a constant figure in the "spook the shit out of conservative America" race. A race they've led well after the government broke them up.

Sidenote: Guys in black ski masks are still undefeated in music videos. Ask Trae, I'm shocked he hasn't putted out an official ABN version of one.

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