Adam Lambert To Join Queen: All Is Right In The World

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Photo By Faith Silva
Adam Lambert at the Hobby Center in September 2010
No shit, right? Can we all agree that American Idol alum and modern glam-popper Adam Lambert is the best choice to front Queen in 2012? Good. No more discussion. Just lay back, close your eyes, and think warm thoughts, and imagine the ghost of Freddie Mercury shaking his ass side stage.

Earlier today Lambert leaked the news to the U.K.'s Daily Star that he will be fronting the iconic rock band in the near future. We can't think of anyone better to keep surviving members of Queen on the road, and interim lead singer Paul Rogers was laughable in the Mercury slot. Sorry, but the Bad Company and Free frontman has zero of the sex appeal that Mercury had in his pinky finger, and his weave sucked. Still has a great voice though.

I remember walking through my mother's house during Lambert's earliest Idol appearances and just shrugging "Eh, when is he going to front Queen?" and going about folding the laundry. It was a forgone conclusion, plus his solo work in the meantime didn't blow up the airwaves, though his rabid Idol fan base lapped it up like kitties attacking a saucer of milk.

Not only is this a great fit for everyone involved, it will be a concert spectacle, grossing millions of dollars, plus Queen as a band has only grown more in popularity in since Mercury's 1991 death. The remaining members of Queen -- Brian May and Roger Taylor -- still hit just as hard as they did in the band's heyday. Bassist John Deacon retired in the '90s from performing, and was adamant that no one could, or should, replace Mercury.

Business-wise it makes sense. A lot of my friends are saying pop-singer Mika could have done a great job, but for my money, I would rather have Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters in Mercury's shoes. Oh yes, in a filthy heartbeat....

Here is Queen and Lambert together on a live medley of Queen cuts.

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Yeah, I'll be gran'pa at that show. And, somewhere, my Mrs. is rolling her eyes and doesn't know why yet.


Like.So.Hard.I've thought for about 5 years that Mika would be the best choice to takeover the Queen front, ever since his spot-on Freddie in his "Grace Kelly" single.

Craig Hlavaty
Craig Hlavaty

Gonna say now that he probably jumped the gun himself out of excitement, and ruined a great PR announcement that was to come, and now the verbal loopholes...

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