Here's The Pitch: Top 10 Commercials Starring Musicians

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7. "I Want My MTV," 1984: Ahhhhhh.......MTV in the good ol' days. You see kiddies, MTV used to air these things called "music videos" and apparently still do on the channel's other subsidiaries. However, MTV rarely airs any good artists anymore. But alas, at one point in the cosmos, they launched a slew of legends that included Pat Benatar, The Police, John Cougar Mellencamp, Pete Townshend (of the Who) and many others, all of whom starred in various promos for the network.

6. The Go-Go's for Bugle Boy Jeans, 1991: In the late 80's and early 90's, any man who was awesome wore Bugle Boy jeans. In the early 90's, the Go-Go's reunited briefly to film this commercial for the Superbowl commercial.

5. MC Hammer for Taco Bell, 1989: In 1989, MC Hammer was at the height of his career. He essentially brought rap music to a brand new audience. So what does he do? Makes a commercial for Taco Bell. However even his Hammer pants couldn't save his career - he filed for bankruptcy.

4. Madonna "Make a Wish" for Pepsi, 1989: Perhaps no other commercial on this list had more controversy surrounding it than the 1989 "Like a Prayer" spot starring Madonna. It wasn't so much the actual commercial that was controversial but the music video for the song the commercial used. The actual music video included blending the two societal taboos that Madonna almost always uses: Sex and religion. Conservative groups threatened to boycott Pepsi and all its subsidiaries. Pepsi caved in and pulled the commercial after only a few airings, one during the 31st Annual Grammy Awards and the other during The Cosby Show.

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