The Top 10 Laziest Music Videos Ever

We're obsessed with music videos lately, and have spent almost the whole of the weekend seeking new and brilliant ones in order to feature in our weekly column. We're just so impressed with the capabilities open to modern artists at all strata of stardom, and how brilliant a piece of work can come out with just a little luck, a bit of cash, and a lot of hard work.

Then again, there are some major artists who have just completely phoned in the music video experience. These aren't necessarily bad, but we're willing to be we put more effort into typing this list than these people did in their videos.

10. Siouxsie and the Banshees, "The Last Beat of My Heart"

We'd like to make sure you know that when we say that these videos were produced with minimal effort, that doesn't mean that they suck. Point in fact, this is actually one of our favorite Siouxsie vids, but if this took 15 minutes to film then we'll eat our hat.

09. Guns n' Roses, "The Garden of Eden"

Again, this isn't a bad video, but come on! This is from the same album that gave us the videos for "Don't Cry" and "November Rain." Even "The Garden" had more going on and it was mostly stock footage. Speaking of bands that didn't live up to previous efforts...

08. Metallica, "Wherever I May Roam"

Again, "Wherever I May Roam" is off the Black album, an album that birthed one of the best videos of all time in the form of "Unforgiven." After that, you can't just let a roadie with a steadicam wander backstage and call it a metaphor for the road. You just can't. Embedding on the video is disabled. Were you really surprised with Metallica?

07. Yes, "Leave It"

We give Kerry Beyer high marks for a video that's not much more complicated than this one, but he's an indie artist doing the whole thing himself. This is freakin' Yes, and they definitely could've done better.

06. Coldplay, "Yellow"

Remember what we said about "Last Beat of my Heart" and Garden of Eden" being examples of brilliant songs using simplicity fairly well? Well, this is the same thing except the song sucks as well. If you had something a little less... Coldplay this might have not have been bad.

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Jeff D
Jeff D

GnR probably blew all their video budget on the November Rain trilogy. I also like the version of Garden of Eden with the bouncing ball lyrics.

south main
south main

yeah, Coldplay suck, but that song is solid

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