Rap Round Table: What Are We To Think Of Rick Ross's New Mixtape, Rich Forever?

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

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Photo illustration by John Seaborn Gray
This Week's Panel: Bun B, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Killa Kyleon, A.D.D., Roderickvonn, Onehunnidt, Kyle Hubbard, YS, hasHBrown, Medicine Girl, Kyle Hubbard, more.

Not Invited: Big Meech and Larry Hoover.

This Week's Prompt: Ricky Roay released his new mixtape this weekend. Everyone is talking about it. What's the verdict? How do you feel about it?

A.D.D.: "Fuck rich, let's get wealthy."

Roderickvonn: Not too much diversity, so sounds like some good 'ol Ross.

H-Kane: I think it's dope; 9 out of 10.

D-Risha: It totally blurs the line between mixtape and album. Good nonetheless.

Yung Redd: It sounds rushed, but overall [it's] better than most because [he] knows what fans want.

Slim Thug: He's rapping his ass off.

Kiotti: Still going through it, but I prefer "Triple Beam Dreams" Rich Forever Ross vs. "B.M.F." Ross. He's a lyricist.

Medicine Girl: The first three tracks sound like the same song, but the feature selection is so dope you can't stop listening; John Legend, Kelly Rowland, Nas, etc. But how is it a mixtape when a DJ didn't mix it?

Bun B: Shinin' like it's yella diamonds.

Chuckway: I think that nigga Ross [is] jammin'.

Chane: I give it a thumbs up. I'm really digging that "Mine Games' joint with Kelly Rowland. Gonna be a good year for MMG.

Z-Ro: Didn't know he had one.

Onehunnidt: I like it. Album quality features and production. The very first track was the worst one. After that, it was really good.

Kyle Hubbard: I haven't listened to it and I don't see myself changing that. I've heard one Ross album and I'm pretty sure that was enough to meet quota. He's still rich and fat as fuck, right?

Killa Kyleon: It's the best shit out right now.

YS: It's a solid tape, man. Sounds like an album. Can't do nothing but respect his hustle.

hasHBrown: A few standout joints. More of the same, for the most part. It isn't bad, but I'm always a fan of progression. Where is [the progression]?

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