You Bettah Work: 10 Rock/Pop Musicians Who Could Take Up Modeling

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Lucky for Lana Del Rey -- whose awkward-at-best Saturday Night Live performance last weekend left indie critics second-guessing her skill -- she has a backup career on which to fall, if needed. Last week, days before becoming a poor bundle of nerves on SNL, the up-and-(maybe)-coming songstress signed a modeling contract with NEXT Model Management -- the very agency that also represents Florence and the Machine frontwoman Florence Welch.

Just days following Del Rey's signing, Swedish singer Lykke Li announced she too signed a modeling contract (with Viva Modeling Agency). The fortunate-faced songbirds join other musician-turned-part-time-models like Cat Power's Chan Marshall, who has modeled for Chanel, and let us not never forget Marky Mark's successful transition from rapper to underwear model.

While we certainly favor talented musicianship over insipid modeling aspirations, it'd be nice to receive a break from exclusively seeing plastic Hollywood starlets on the covers of fashion magazines, who have seemingly replaced actual models of eras past, and now monopolize the fashion industry. (Dear '80s Glamazons, We miss you.)

Naturally, the topics of music and sex appeal revved our engines, and moved us to ponder other musicians we could see gracing the pages of fashion editorials. We're not implying any of these musicians would actually be interested in modeling -- in fact, we kind of hope they're not -- but we simply think they've got "the goods."

(Translation = Presenting a shameless peek into our musician crush catalog, with a moderate fashion spin.)

Tina Tyrell.jpg
Tina Tyrell
Annie Clark: The St. Vincent brainchild seems like a dream to photograph for a fashion spread, with her fair skin, wild curls, and exaggeratedly wide eyes. I imagine many stylists and fashion photogs would enjoy featuring the Texas-bred guitar talent in a fashion spread.

Photo by Jim Bricker
Win Butler: The Arcade Fire frontman -- and Houston (OK, Woodlands) native -- is limitlessly appealing; he's tall, he sports edgy, cool haircuts, is clearly wildly talented, and looks smokin' hot in a suit.

Teri Gender Bender: (Born Teresa Suarez), the Le Butcherettes frontwoman embodies "edge"; she's used fake blood, raw eggs, and a pig head onstage, for crying out loud. We like how the Mexican-bred musician utilizes fashion to make statements -- ironically wearing '50s housewife-type aprons onstage, etc. We'd like to see her accept a modeling contract, if only to torment a few sissy models with pig heads and kick some scrawny model ass.

Henry Rollins: I don't really have any solid reasons to claim the former Black Flag frontman would make a good "model," other than I kind of just want to see him and his muscles and tattoos, dressed up in suits and photographed a bunch.

Flickr - aurélien.jpg
Flickr: aurélien
Cullen Omori: Turns out, the Smith Westerns frontman appeared in Rolling Stone's Spring 2011 fashion segment (alongside brother and band-mate Cameron Omori). Omori's exotic Japanese-Irish ancestry has blessed him (and his brother; they are spitting images of one another) with uniquely enviable characteristics. Their seemingly inborn "tuff" attitude might come thanks to their City-of-Chicago upbringing; the combination of the two oozes "model."

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These days only models get signed to major record labels anyway, duh! With Autotune, you don't need singing talent!!

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