The Value Of Being Important: How Much Would You Pay for VIP Tickets?

Photo By Jim Bricker
Roger Waters (The Wall: Live)
Special Packages: VIP Party - $550; VIP Tour - $375
Big Draw: VIP Party - closer seating, "Exclusive pre-show reception, including buffet dinner and open bar (beer and wine)"; VIP Tour - close seating, tour swag
Price Difference: $350-$175

This epic of music and architecture returns to Houston and if you thought it was good the first time imagine how much better it'll be after you eat dinner with complete strangers. At one point they talked about VIPs being so close to the stage that they might be part of the show, but that idea seems to have been abandoned. Given Roger's history of fan interaction and spitting that was probably a wise decision. A piece of advice from Rocks Off: the pre-show reception is not the place to reenact the "One Of My Turns" sequence from the movie. Nobody is writing a rock epic about the guy who got hammered at the Toyota Center pre-show reception.

Photo By Daniel Kramer
Van Halen
Special Packages: Ultimate VIP- $995; VIP-$595; Tour- $395
Big Draw: Ultimate - Front row seating, backstage tour; VIP - close seating, backstage tour; Tour - close seating
Price Difference: $850-$250

If you've ever wanted a peak behind the curtain of a major road show and you want to be the closest person in the room when "Hot For Teacher" starts then this is your VIP wish come true. It's true that it'll cost you a grand and it's true you'll have to spend the next few months praying nothing derails the tour but no one ever said wishes were easy. It's worth pointing out that the Ultimate VIPs also get free parking (where available according to the VIP Nation site), so if you can only afford the $595 ticket you may want to stop by the ATM on the way to the show if you plan on parking your car. Not even VIPs get everything handed to them.

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I wont pay a dime to meet and greet etc. In fact, I wont even go to the show that offers that garbage. Fans make you. Pay to meet you? uh NO!

Bands used to have meet and greets all the time in record stores. All people had to do was stand in line with something to sign.

People seem to love idolizing and paying up. So I don't blame them for taking the cash. But its not going to come from me and concerts as I knew them are dead.


VIP seats are a total rip-off and I will never buy them again.  I saw Rush last night seated in so-called row 14 on the side of the stage courtesy of Live Nation VIP.  They handed out badges with the tickets and I saw only badges in rows 12-15.  Actually the seats were worse than advertised because there are rows A-E before rows 0-15.  So really, we were about 20th row.  On top of that, my buddy who bought tickets the same time as I bought mine (right when they went on sale) got better seats than me at almost 1/3 the price.  To make matters even worse, the promised shirt package wasn't delivered prior to the show so I couldn't even wear my new shirt.  Finally, you don't get the tickets until 90 minutes before the show and they are not transferable so if you are sick...too bad. VIP is a gimmick that advertises falsely.  It should say row 16-20 guaranteed but then of course no-one will pay the ridiculous $325.


i was given $500 vip tickets for the van halen show at toyota center in 2008. the seats where nothing more than $149 tickets for the 6th row on the floor.  granted, i did get some swag which consisted of a van halen pin and a magnet.  the only thing more disappointing than that was van halen's performance.


Nice article, Cory! Thanks for the info!

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