The Value Of Being Important: How Much Would You Pay for VIP Tickets?

Photo By Daniel Kramer
How much would you pay to be in front of all of those hands in the air?
Very. Important. Person. For music fans those three words conjure up images of skipping out on standing in line, being at the side of the stage while the show takes place, and partying with the band backstage after the show. VIPs vacation in the world of rock excess, if they're rich or famous (or both) enough. For most concert goers it's a world that remains largely off limits, a wish made while you're stuck 30 feet back from the barrier with the abnormally tall guy blocking your line of sight.

Promoters know the value of a label and are now willing to sell you a modified version of that wish if you can afford it. If you're willing to drop the cash through VIP Nation you can get everything from early access to the venue up to a meet and greet session with the band.

Ask yourself: in these hard economic times how much would you spend for your dream concert experience?

Ask a group of people sitting in the VIP section why they paid up to triple the cost of a regular ticket and you're likely to find two types of people: superfans and people who love live music but hate dealing with crowds. But is limited edition swag, upfront seating and early entry in to the venue really worth the cost? Rocks Off takes a look at some of the VIP packages being offered for upcoming shows to see what people are paying and what they're getting.

Megadeth (Gigantour 2012)
Special Package: Ultimate VIP - $250
Big Draw: "Meet and Greet photo op with Megadeth band members"
Price Difference: $190

Ever dreamed of having your photo taken with one of the "Big 4"? Now you can, but you'll be paying a big 4 times the amount of a regular general admission ticket. With that photo op you get the standard perks of merchandise and early entry to the show but don't expect to get anything signed; according to the VIP Nation Facebook page, the band is more interesting in interacting with fans rather than signing things. Leave your Dave Mustaine VMNT Peace Sells guitar at home but don't fret -- you're getting a signed poster. (VIP Nation assures that Dave has an excellent signature.)

Photo By Craig Hlavaty
Special Packages: Rockstar Reserved/Rockstar General Admission - $225
Big Draw: Limited edition tour swag, close seating
Price Difference: $100

If getting a prime seat to this show sounds too good to be true, well, it is. The Rockstar Reserved packages are already sold out for this, and with good reason: this show has the best cost:value ratio on the list. $100 ticket + $35 shirt + $30 poster and you're already most of the way to paying the VIP price, plus now you'll have a fancy Nickelback tour laminate to put in your scrapbook. Play your cards right with your early admission to the floor and you might just be the one Chad Kroeger sings "How You Remind Me" to.

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I wont pay a dime to meet and greet etc. In fact, I wont even go to the show that offers that garbage. Fans make you. Pay to meet you? uh NO!

Bands used to have meet and greets all the time in record stores. All people had to do was stand in line with something to sign.

People seem to love idolizing and paying up. So I don't blame them for taking the cash. But its not going to come from me and concerts as I knew them are dead.


VIP seats are a total rip-off and I will never buy them again.  I saw Rush last night seated in so-called row 14 on the side of the stage courtesy of Live Nation VIP.  They handed out badges with the tickets and I saw only badges in rows 12-15.  Actually the seats were worse than advertised because there are rows A-E before rows 0-15.  So really, we were about 20th row.  On top of that, my buddy who bought tickets the same time as I bought mine (right when they went on sale) got better seats than me at almost 1/3 the price.  To make matters even worse, the promised shirt package wasn't delivered prior to the show so I couldn't even wear my new shirt.  Finally, you don't get the tickets until 90 minutes before the show and they are not transferable so if you are sick...too bad. VIP is a gimmick that advertises falsely.  It should say row 16-20 guaranteed but then of course no-one will pay the ridiculous $325.


i was given $500 vip tickets for the van halen show at toyota center in 2008. the seats where nothing more than $149 tickets for the 6th row on the floor.  granted, i did get some swag which consisted of a van halen pin and a magnet.  the only thing more disappointing than that was van halen's performance.


Nice article, Cory! Thanks for the info!

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