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Every goth has a song that is a club staple that they simply cannot stand. We don't know if it's some type of gothic hipsteritis, or if we just all have that breaking point that a DJ insists on poking until it crumbles, but there it is.

Case in point, we cannot freakin' stand "Warm Leatherette" by the Normal. No, not even when Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy duet on it. That song is completely ridiculous, and the beat is undanceable. There's a line between tongue-in-cheek and I-can't write-lyrics and "Warm Leatherette" snorts that line. Every time someone insists on playing it we just want to take Morrissey's advice and hang the DJ.

Since most of our gothic club experiences revolve around Houston's Numbers, we figured we'd do a special, H-town only edition of the Gothic Council to see what other songs they dreaded to hear over the sound system. Joining us this week is Paul Fredric from Asmodeus X, fashion designer Batty, spooky dessertier Lynda Rouner, Spleen of the Stage Frights, DJ Nick Arcia, Jvstin Whitney of Church of Melkarth, model Scarlett St. Vitus, and Jason Hebert.

Paul Fredric: That "Du Hass Mich" song by Rammstein. It was cool in the late '90s but enough already.

Gothtopia: Trust the only man I know who regularly goes to Germany to be vague on the freakin' Rammstein song.

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Batty: I'm gonna have to Say "Away" by the Bolshoi. Heck we even had a chorus line to it and hand gestures worked out it was played so much. I even did a photo shoot in my modeling days holding the record in one had and my other hand down my throat making a distasteful gagging face in honor of that song and numbers.

Lynda Rouner: I would have to say anything by Marilyn Manson, because all of his songs have been played to death. Particularly his cover of the Eurythimics' "Sweet Dreams are Made of This." Meh.

Gothtopia: Even the Mechanical Animals stuff?

Lynda Rouner: Yep, even Mechanical Animals, which is not played very often.

Spleen: I would have to agree with Marilyn Manson! Yuck! Really? I mean it's enough to make me go outside and smoke!

Nick Arcia: I turned in my goth credentials long ago so I won't face sanctions when is say Sisters Of Mercy, "This Corrosion."

Lynda Rouner: Blasphemy!

Gothtopia: Ditto.

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