20 Great Versions Of "Bohemian Rhapsody" That Aren't By Queen

This week in 1976, Queen were at the top of the UK singles chart with the epic - taking that word back - operatic, glammy cut "Bohemian Rhapsody" from their November 1975 album, A Night At The Opera. The single is still one of the best-selling releases in the UK, and it even had a resurgence 1991 in the wake of lead singer Freddie Mercury's death. Wayne's World helped out a lot too.

About a year ago I wrote a piece that touched briefly on the recording of "Rhapsody", and the numerous vocal takes that Mercury recorded to create the final product. You can snag more Queen facts here too.

The classic rock staple has been tackled more than most songs we can think of off hand, with covers a plenty permeating all over the Internet and YouTube. Even if you have the worst voice in the world and no musical instincts to speak of, it's still a fun song to sing along too. Everyone thinks they can harmonize, for better or worse.

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Missed these two:

Marc Martel and members of Renaissance Church in Summit, NJ.  Martel recently won the contest to be the lead singer for the Queen Extravaganza.


And this one-man band version by Richie Castellano, a guy who made it to the finals on guitar of the Queen Extravaganza but didn't make the band.



The greatest version ever was by Austin metalheads mammoth grinder. I think it was recorded by one dude before the band was really established. And the dude was like 18. It's as epic as it gets. Find it if you can.


You completely missed the impressionist doing the 25 voices!!??!!

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