Beyonce's Baby Shower: Celebrity Gift Suggestions

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Proud parents?
With every gossip site on the planet reporting that Beyonce has given birth to Blue Ivy Carter just yesterday, Rocks Off suddenly realized that we haven't gotten her a thing! While we make a quick Target run, we thought it might be fun to ponder what sort of gifts Beyonce and Jay's rich celebrity pals might have planned for her baby shower. After all, mom is a global superstar and dad is a rap legend -- this kid is destined to be pop royalty. Some stupid breast pump simply won't do! The following suggestions, we feel, would make far more worthy presents for 2012's first celebrity parents.

From Paul wall: Baby's First Grill

If Little Girl Carter is to be a true Houstonian (and let's be clear--we're claiming her), she's going to need some gold on that grin. We feel confident that H-Towns grillmaster general will be kind (and business-savvy) enough to provide the flyest fronts ever flashed for Jay and Bey's precious flower. Princess-cut diamonds have never seemed more appropriate! Once those baby teeth fall out, though, she's on her own.

From Kelly Rowland: A Baby Backup Singer

After all that Beyonce has given her, it's only fair that Kelly Rowland gives her former partner a gift of real value for her baby. We don't think it's too much to ask for Kelly to go ahead and birth a faithful sidekick for Beyonce, Jr., to support her in any and all formative musical endeavors. After all, every superstar needs an almost-as-pretty backup bestie when it comes time to nail those smooth harmonies. Hesitant? We understand. But you might want to read that contract one more time, Ms. Rowland.

From Gwyneth Paltrow: A One-of-a-Kind Baby Name

It'd be a tad gauche for the glamorous Gwyneth to give some disgusting material item to the first-born child of her BFF Beyonce. That's why we're confident that Mrs. Coldplay put her greatest talent to good use and dreamed up Blue Ivy's unique moniker! Think about it: For a kid with parents named Beyonce and Hov, "Jennifer" just ain't gonna cut it. "Blue Ivy Carter," on the other hand, ought to make a worthy playmate for Gwyn's kiddoes, Apple and Moses. Sure, Blue is a pretty bizarre name for a little girl, but considering Gwyneth's track record, it could have been so much worse. Gossip mags around the globe could have been welcoming "Bicycle Habakkuk Carter" to the world this week.

From Kanye West: Africa

Obviously, Jay Z's Watch the Throne partner can't be outdone by his fellow gift givers. That's a tall order given the entertainment titans he's matched up against, which is why Ye's gonna have to go big with his baby shower present. In the ultimate display of generosity, we envision the G.O.A.T. offering up the entire continent of Africa for the Nubian newborn to own and enjoy. That may seem impossible at first blush, but who's gonna tell him no? Mr. West does what he wants. Besides, Kanye will still have six other continents to play with.

From Annise Parker: A New Parking Ordinance

Photo by groovehouse
As any bureaucrat knows, the most important element for a thriving Houston music scene is ample, convenient parking. That's why we're sure that our beloved mayor will spearhead a new ordinance requiring all local venues to reserve a special parking space just for our town's newest pop princess. Whether taking in a show at the Arena Theater, Fitzgerald's or even Jones Hall, it's important that she be able to park her Bentley in front of the door rather than potentially block the driveway of any townhomes nearby.

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Wow!  Her hair is quite the - uh - hair.


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