YASSEAH!: Creed Hitting Houston For A Two-Night Stand This Spring

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Creed's Scott Stapp at his nearly sold-out acoustic date at the House Of Blues in March.
It's hard to believe, but Florida rock giants Creed will be celebrating 15 years of 1997's landmark debut, My Own Prison. Well, it's not that hard to believe if you can do math and shit we guess. The band will be at Verizon Wireless Theater on April 30 and May 1, performing My Own Prison in it's entirety on the first night, and 1999's Human Clay on the second night.

I knew what year Human Clay came out without looking at Wikipedia too, because I am a Creed rubbernecker, and a closet fan. I know most of the lyrics by heart, well enough to fit in at a concert. Problem?

1997's My Own Prison was regarded as a respectable rock record at the time of it's release, and the title track radio smash, but soon after they became hated and revered by a loud minority, while still managing to sell millions of albums and tour successfully. Odd, huh?

Human Clay
was a worthy follow-up, with singles like "Higher," "With Arms Wide Open" and "Are You Ready", helping it sell 11.5 million copies in the US so far. It ended up outselling Prison by over 5 million units.

I totally doubt anybody reading this, feigning disgust, owns either of these albums either on their computer or physical form, right? I bet everyone is cool enough to have never liked anything that is cheesy. What I mean to say, is that a lot of you people own Creed albums and may listen to them semi-regularly, and you probably turn up "My Sacrifice" loud as fuck in your car when you are driving home from a bad day at work.

I can admit I like big dumb riffs and thinly-veiled lyrics about religion from a man with a Messianic complex. I have taken off my makeup. Now let's see if you can take off yours.

I turned in an alarmingly favorable review of lead singer Scott Stapp's solo acoustic show last March, with no sweat. And I didn't hate their Woodlands show I covered back in September 2009.

The presale for these two Houston dates begins on January 4. See you all there.

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Best Band Ever! Rock on Creed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this band.They are so awesome live.  I can't wait to see the special My own prison and human clay shows they are doing or the 2012 tour. Creed rocks!



I love love love Creed.  The hater thing is just old men who can't deal with how hot the band is. Get over it and rock! It's almost 2012 move on, they are amazing. All of them are so nice to the fans too. They talk to us personally all the time on twitter   They also have a new album coming out and I cannot wait!!!

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