What's in a Name?: The Year End Dictionary Update

Just as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary constantly adds new words, so does Rocks Off enrich the English language through our explorations in the meaning behind band names. Below are the entries that made it into our lexicon in 2011.

lexicon art of dying.jpg
Art of Dying (n) 1. The reverse of suicide 2. Upbeat, hard rock 3. Neither a human piñata or a human centipede.

Black Leather Jesus (n): 1. An act of particularly brutal sadomasochism. 2. An experimental noise band from Houston. 3. Pain.

Black Queen Speaks (n) 1. A true, emotional expression, or honestly expressing oneself with one's art. 2. The sound of Lil' Kim's glock. 3. A combo of rock, blues, and funk... but not in a crap way.

Clouds are Ghosts (n): 1. The inverse properties of fluffy sky-cake and pants-shitting terror. 2. An erroneous interpretation of Heaven. 3. Sweet Austin weirdness in musical form.

Egypt Central (n) 1. The anthem of Hate Day 2. A street in Memphis 3. A lionheaded pot deity.

lexicon featherface.jpg
Featherface (n): 1. Audio higgledy-piggledy. 2. A social climber. 3. Endangered droppings.

Holy Fiction (n): 1. Fictional narratives told by ancient cultures for the purposes of teaching spiritual and moral lessons. 2. Great indie rock. 3. Fucking smug bastard...

Honeyhoney (n): 1. American music. 2. Cash money; ladies of the night. 3. Melodic pest control.

Illegal Wiretaps (n): 1. [Definition redacted.] 2. [Definition deleted.] 3. [Definition omitted; definer arrested.]

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