Tips For A Successful NYE from David Anderson, Houston's Party King

photo by Marco Torres
Having a great time? Probably thanks to this guy.

Remember that one awesome party, the invite-only one with the open bar that was sponsored by a liquor company, where everyone was beautiful and hip, and you got to mingle with Big Boi or Pharrell Williams or Bun B? Either you do remember, because you wish that every party you attended was half as amazing, or you don't, because you drank way too much.

The man behind many of these events in Houston is 31-year-old David Anderson III, who through his 713Vip machine is able to bring top notch parties, events, and celebrities to the city he calls home. He recalls throwing his first party as a fundraiser for his church's youth group while still a teenager, as hasn't looked back since. Fast forward to the present, and David is now the ambassador for Ciroc Vodka here in Texas, and the go-to guy for all things trendy in the world of events, music, and entertainment.

Rocks Off sat down with David to talk about music, the elements for a good party, and how to tackle the year's biggest night of partying, New Year's Eve.

Rock Off: What factors are important to you when putting together your events?

David Anderson: For me, the environment comes first. Selecting the right venue is the base for a successful night. Whether it's a nice club, or a hotel, or even somewhere completely different like Jones Hall or the Wortham Theatre, choose location wisely. After that, you incorporate the right people and provide them with great music and cold drinks.

RO: Where do you find the "right people".

DA: We look for the trendsetters. Well rounded individuals who know a bit about fashion, are up to date with new music, who like to dress and party differently than the mainstream. We call them Tastemakers, or influencers. Basically, the "cool kids". Houston is full of these kind of people, and we love inviting them to our events.

RO: Who do you have on your iPod at the moment.

DA: The top spots on my playlist will always be filled with UGK. I've always had respect for both Pimp C and Bun B as artists and businessmen. Remember that line Kanye said about "nice as Bun B when I met him at the Source Awards"? Bun is amazingly nice. Plus he works with so many artists, including many young guys who are just on the rise. I try to emulate that, working with young promotors to keep things new and fresh. I also listen to a lot of Jay-Z, Kanye, and lately Frank Sinatra. Oh, and Doughbeezy and The Nice Guys.

Rest In Peace Pimp C

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