The Ten Best (Non-Houston) Rap Albums of 2011

Not one of the ten best rap albums of the year.
A deal, then: Let's pretend like this was some really clever, insightful preamble; ideally, when you finished reading it, you would've immediately said, "Dang. That was a really clever, insightful preamble."

Let's pretend it had some sort of neat underlying agenda, something that directly discussed the year's biggest stories (probably would've had jokes about Skrillex and Mac Miller, maybe even a chart that compared Drake's eyebrows to J. Cole's eyebrows) while side-stroking the cumbersome collective ego of Houston rappers (CAN YOU BELIEVE A$AP ROCKY!!!?? ANGERANGERANGER).

Let's pretend it was cool and hip and interesting.

And we'll pretend like you read it with care, instead of just clicking through to the list with a titanium-heavy index finger, ready to bludgeon it in the forehead with Thor's hammer (which, for the Internet, translates to birthing some borderline belligerent tweets).

The list, then:

So here's how this works this time: Rather than write an unending epistle for each album, we've assigned a hard word count. Each album will be allowed the number of words that correspond with its ranking (example: the second best rap album of the year will have to be surmised in two words, the third in three).


Then let's motherfuck it up.

10. Killer Mike's Pl3dge

Still here. Still under-appreciated. Still smarter than you are. Still.

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Condense this list to one page. This is just trying to garner more page views.

Kyle Hubbard
Kyle Hubbard

I feel like Drake and WTT could have been switched around. Really glad to see Kendrick so high on the list. Overall I agee with majority of list

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