RIP Hubert Sumlin, Legendary Blues Musician

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Hubert Sumlin, former guitarist with Howlin' Wolf and member of the Blues Hall of Fame is dead at the age of 80. Sumlin was ranked at number 65 in Rolling Stone's greatest guitar players of all time and has been cited as an influence on a wide range of blues and rock guitarists.

He was born in Mississippi, but spent most of his playing career in the well respected Chicago blues scene.

Even at 80, he continued to tour ringing in his birthday last month in New Jersey.

Check out Hubert Sumlin backed by Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra.


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god bless Hurbert Sumlin i knew him in Chigo illions back in med late 70s i seen Howlin Wolf play the last time be fore he died abd Wolf said please stay to gether then they was Eddie Shaw and the Wolf Gang i used 2 date Hurbert back in late 70s to  the 80s in Chagico Hurbert was such a kind loving man he loved 2 play alot and has been all over the USA  and all over the pond i was shocked 2 get on aol and see he died im still shocked he could be funny and he was a great cook as well back in the 80s i was a dancer and  lived in a hotel   Hurbert stay at my room when i got home he had clearned the room real nice and made 2 great meal we had our good times and alittle bad times i know he loved me and i still have a place in my heart 4 him any 1 like 2 that with me bout Hurbert or other blues players can get me at LADYBLUES@AOL.COM I knew alot of the old blues people like Jimmy Reed Wholin Wolf KO KO  Tayler and i also dated Hound Dog Taylor and  and JB Hutto me and Home Sick JAMES it was funny i live some where and Home Sick move in the apts i lived in then he move i more by him i have been to Howlin Wolf house his wife has a big party once a yr there was people there from all over seas and i seen the to troffies Wolf got for Killing Floor and Smoke Ssatie Lighting well please get me by email  or im on aol i luv 2 chat with other people who plays blues or likes the blues i also knew  Freddie King and Albert King Muddy Waters and B B King 1  time i seen B B and B B called me and  Sugar Blue on stage with him SUger Blue played harp on MISS YOU BY THE ROLLING STONES  after me and Sugar  Blue  was on stage with B B every 1 though me and Sugar Blue went 2 gether B B is down 2 earth very kind warm that nire he called me and Sugar Blue on stage when he break B B and others had a trash can truned up side down and they played cards i lived down the street from the club and i went 2 my house and toke some ham hocks penito beans greens and corn bread  so B B like the way i cook and where ever he gose he see me he calls me out well plz email me or im me on aol buddy list all i want 2 say now is R.I.P Hurbert there always be a warm place in my heart 4 you BEV aka LADY BLUES LUV PEACE XXX


Hubert was a regular guest with the Allman Brothers at their annual NYC March Beacon runs.RIP Hubert.  Another old bluesman gone.


Hi i want 2 thank you 4 remembering Hurbert Sumlin have u ever met him? i used 2 date him when we both lived in Chicago i knew alot old time blues guys that is where i learned 2 sing the blues i had the name LADYBLUES@AOL.COM  sense the 70s 1 time i went on the road with them Eddie Shaw and the Wolf Gang and i been 2 Wolfs house i seen tropies he got for killimg floor and smoke stat lighting Wolf wife has a party once a yr people from all over seas and usa come i really miss chicago alot i lived there 13 yrs well email me or add me 2 ur buddy list have nice wkend R.I.P Hurbert I LOVE YOU ALWAYS BEV AKA LADYBLUES  PEACE BEV XXX


Hubert was on of the best blues players,he stayed in the backround until later in his life and then he really shined in the spotlight.Yes Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks gave him his due at the Beacon Shows when he was there.RIP

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