Rap Round Table: What Is The Best Song You Have That Was Inspired By Another Human?

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

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This Week's Panel: Bun B, Young Sensation, Fat Tony, Hollywood Floss, O.N.E., hasHBrown, Kyle Hubbard, Yung Redd, Medicine Girl, A.D.D., Tha Centop, Chane, Preemo, Mac

Not Invited: Nobody was not invited.

This Week's Prompt: Scarface's grandmother was the inspiration for "Mind Playing Tricks On Me." What's your favorite song you have inspired by a person?

Bun B: "The Story," inspired by Pimp.

Young Sensation: I got a song called "Don't U Go Nowhere" off of Before We Chill inspired by my father. God bless his soul. "Follow Your Dreams" off C.H.I.L.L. was inspired by my [deceased] cousin Kevin Blunt. My lost family and friends inspire all of my music.

Hollywood Floss: "So Much To Say" for my grandma.

Fat Tony:
My girl and our ups and downs inspired me to make "My Babe" and it'll always be extremely special to me. I meant every word.

Kyle Hubbard: My song "It's Making Sense." Each verse is about a different person in my life, but the third verse is the most powerful and direct, in my opinion. It's about a family member's descent into drug abuse and me coming to terms with the fact that person is gone, though he is here. It's important to me because I haven't been able to address that part of my life with any grace in my art for years, but I feel like I finally did it on this song.

hasHBrown: Title track "Sounds From The Back Seat"; dedicated to my grandmother, a good friend and my uncle.

Rai P: I'd have to say "Cum Ladi," inspired by my friends.

Medicine Girl: Gregory Isaacs' Cool Ruler inspired my new single, "Night Nurse."

O.N.E.: I have a song called "Climb That Hill." It's inspired by my family and my upbringing and how we overcame a lot.

Chane: My record "Feet Don't Fail Me Now," inspired by my father.

A.D.D.: "Easy To See." It was inspired by my dad. It's gonna be on [my] debut album, The Aspiring Me.

100: I would say "Father's Day"; real-life emotions. I think the emotions are relatable to many.

Tha Centop: The "Break My Heart" remix I did to Estelle and Ross's record, inspired by my clingy ex.

Preemo: My mother and stepfather inspired "I Understand" on Concrete Dreams. That record has opened a lot of doors for me.

Mac: "Right Direction." It was inspired by my parents. They taught me how to be a survivor.

Yung Redd: "Dreamz n Nitemarez" mostly gets the nod for me because how real the human content was. What song inspired me was Pac's "Never Had A Friend Like Me" because I'm all about loyalty and respect.

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