Nurses: "Fever Dream" is a Minor Madness

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Here we go with the latest bit of musical and cinematic awesomeness from our buddy Mick Cullen over at Subterranean Radio. When he says, "You've got to see this video" then we know that we'll be discovering something amazing.

This is Nurses and the official video for their song "Fever Dream." In general we tend to shy away from the more simplistic pieces and delve deep into meandering epics like Peter Murphy's "I Spit Roses," however "Fever Dream" has so much going for it that we simply can't ignore it.

First if all, the song itself is fantastic. If Budgie ever reformed the Creatures with Cee Lo Green as the singer we imagine this is what it would sound like. Echoing down the auditory canal with primal drums and a keen, wailing falsetto "Fever Dream" is one of those tunes you know is on a playlist in Delirium's iPod.

nurses fever 2.jpg
That's just the song. The video is headfirst journey into a swell of off-putting colors that awakens keen Lovecraftian nightmares. It's shot under black lights with the band covered in make-up in hues that react in way that frankly we don't think colors are supposed to react. That's not to mention the image of Aaron Chapman constantly creating great tears and rivers in the make-up, opening whole new dimensions of color like that guy from In the Mouth of Madness.

Nurses will be hitting Houston on January 20 of next year at Fitzgerald's with the Mountain Goats, and we are definitely going to have to dig deeper into their obvious instability before they get here because no one should ever miss the opportunity to run screaming of the ledge into the void of sound. Nurses have proven that they're a band more than capable of mixing innovation with accessibility, and "Fever Dream" is a perfect example of a perfect fracture. We dig it so hard we've struck dinosaur bones.

Check it out!

We had a chance to sit down with James Mitchell (Drums) and John Bowers (Keys, Bass) to ask a few questions about the video. Click on over to page 2 for the interview.

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