Interview: Dani Filth Talks Concept Albums and Playing Live at Castle Bathory

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Our apologies to Dani Filth for any inconsistency as the voice recorder app we downloaded specifically for this interview and spent an hour practicing with to make sure it worked perfectly buggered off. Thus we recreated our conversation from memory and learned a valuable lesson about over-reliance on technology.

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Rocks Off: Hey, Dani! Good to talk to you again.

Dani Filth: Good to hear from you again, too, Jef.

RO: How's the family? Last time we talked on the phone you were in the middle of moving.

DF: Yeah, that was a mess. We still have whole rooms in the new house that are more or less barren.

RO: We just got done listening to Evermore Darkly. Do you consider it an epilogue to the Lilith story in Darkly, Darkly, Venus, Aversa?

DF: Mostly it was something to put out on Halloween. We always like to have something if possible for the fans around the holiday. It gave us a chance to do a few things differently, to play around with it. There was stuff there wasn't room for on Darkly without turning the thing into a double album.

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RO: You've been doing a lot of revisiting lately. Are you just hearing your old tunes in new ways and want to re-imagine them, or is it just that they resonate strongly with the next phase of your writing?

DF: Well, we just finally got the rights back to our early songs, and I've been toying with doing large, orchestra score versions of them for a while now.

RO: That's the next album?

DF: Well, not the next real Cradle of Filth album. It's more of just a bonus disc. We're going to be in the studio again in April for the next full release so it can be ready, again, for Halloween. It won't be a concept record like the last two. Those are fun, but it can be constricting when you're tied to this big opus. The next one will be much looser.

RO: We have to say, I really like the addition of Ashley Ellyon to Cradle of Filth. How did you happen to get her involved?

DF: We had a mutual friend while she was working with Abigail Williams. She's back working in Colorado now.

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