Happy 30th, Amy Lee of Evanescence; Six Reasons We Like You

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While Evanescence and their lead singer, Amy Lee, continue to find mainstream success (their most recent album was number one on the charts when it was released in October), they are a band that is maligned in the same way as other polished heavy bands like Creed and Nickelback, though we aren't entirely certain why. No doubt goths despise the pseudo-style that Lee and bandmates put on display and their music is pretty poppy for a heavy band, but whatever. We figure there is room for everyone.

So, in honor of her big three-oh, we give a list of the six reasons we like Amy Lee. Happy birthday, girl!

6. Woman can sing.

People bitch that the only women in music are either the Mariah Carey wannabes like Christina Aguilera or pop tarts like Katy Perry and Ke$ha. It's why so many have welcomed Adele and Amy Winehouse with open arms. Lee is easily in their league. We're surprised she hasn't done any musicals given her pipes. We bet someone would love to stick her in Phantom of the Opera.

5. The metal break in "My Immortal"

The first time we heard this song, we weren't that interested. It's a decent piano ballad, albeit disturbingly melodramatic (though, when Adele's "Someone Like You" was released, even Evanescence was like, "Um, too much, Adele."), but we yawned until the drums kicked in. It instantly transported us back to the '80s when a power ballad had balls. Too bad the single version was castrated and the metal removed.

4. She stopped working with Ben Moody.

The guy seemed like kind of a dick and has gone on to be Mr. American Idol working with Kelly Clarkson, Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry. He also worked with Lindsay Lohan and, God help us, Celine Dion. If Lee is thought of us a cheap version of real goth, what the hell is he?

3. Great hooks.

The world of music at the moment is replete with artists who value sound over song. The art of the great hook is something just not heard that often in rock music and the artists who do apply them liberally -- Coldplay, for example -- are often derided for their over simplicity. If writing great hooks was easy, everyone would do it. Lee does and that's a rarity.

2. She's a successful chick in a dude world.

In the world of pop and country, female singers (though not musicians so much) grow on trees. In rock music, however, the numbers are significantly smaller. Move into heavy music and you can count them on one hand. Saying the genre is dominated by men is like saying Ann Coulter is kinda conservative. Lee has thrived in this world and that deserves recognition.

1. She's hot.

It's probably really uncool to put this at number one right after all that empowering "you are woman, hear you roar" stuff in number two, but, as one friend of ours used to put it, "Truth be truth."

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Amy you dont know how much i love you then listen to me ,,, i am 20 years old and i am listen you when i was 8 years old until now ,, every day i listen to you my best rockstar believe me i loved rock music because of you when i finish study i go right away to listen to you  and i am student of university in law part this is my 2nd year and when i become lawyer i will listen to you and this is my dream to see you or listen to you live,,, happy happy birthday my own rockstar amy you rockkkkkkk

Mark Andrew Coates
Mark Andrew Coates

It's the single version of My Immortal that has the full band in it! The album version is the 'castrated' version although it was recorded first. Have to agree with everything else though :D

Edil Dalawis Hairon
Edil Dalawis Hairon

hahah I definitely agree! Amy is one of the hottest and baddest chick in rock!

Darth CusCus
Darth CusCus

Christina Aguilera has been named the Voice of the Generation so I doubt she is a wanna be... she might have looked to mariah carey as one of her inspirations but she is no wanna be and has her own sound. But still Amy is great.

Susie Flaminwaffles
Susie Flaminwaffles

Christina Aguilera is no wanna-be, she's an amazing underated singer. Not to say Amy Lee isn't as good but they're about equal in my eyes.


Seriously? Wow. Did not know that. Thanks!

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