Five Curiosities from the Grammy Nominations List

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Photo by Matthew Keever
Skrillex at Verizon Wireless Theater in September.
The Grammy nominations were officially presented last night. Not surprisingly, Adele, who is considered a front runner in nearly every category she is nominated in, cleaned up with six nominations for her album 21, but was beaten out by Kanye West who had seven, though curiously not among them a nod for album of the year. Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars also had six nominations each while Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Lil Wayne and Skrillex grabbed five a piece.

For the most part, the nominations, as usual, were safe bets rather than adventurous choices. But there were some curiosities and we don't necessarily mean odd choices.

5. Best New Artist diversity.

This kind of thing happens almost every year. The category is often filled with oddball combinations of country, hip hop, rock and the like. But, we couldn't help but chuckling a little bit when we saw the distance, stylistically, between the nominees. You don't get much more separation than The Band Perry, Skrillex, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver. Seriously. And, by the way, who thought Skrillex would get five nominations?

4. Grammys and cursing.

It seems like every year now, the Grammy's have to deal with some kind of curse word in a song. It was weird enough when they just had to seven-second censor drunk rock musicians saying "shit" on the microphone, but now they have to deal with presenters saying "fuck." Last year it was Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You," which was also referred to as "FU" making it easier. This year, it's Pink's "Fuckin' Perfect" (they have it as F***IN' PERFECT on the nominations press release), which will probably be trimmed to "effin." Either way, it's mildly amusing.

3. Sum 41

They were nominated in best metal. Are they still around? Are they metal? We're confused.

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It seems like every year now, the Grammy's have to deal with some kind of curse word in a song. it's mildly amusing.


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