Eruption: Our Dream Van Halen Concert Setlist

Photo By Daniel Kramer
Diamond Dave in early 2008 at the Toyota Center
I gave you all fair warning - pardon the pun - on Monday morning when the Van Halen concert announcement went out that Rocks Off wouldn't be quiet when it came to Van Halen. In the next few weeks we will be getting word of the Houston date, so until then all we can do is speculate when and where.

You can check out a live review and a small slideshow from Van Halen's January 28, 2008 Toyota Center stop here.

Yesterday Jeff Balke listed the 10 Lesser Known Pre-Sammy Van Halen Songs to Prepare for the Tour , a great collection of raunchy Diamond Dave-era cuts like "Ice Cream Man" and my own favorite "Mean Streets".

Of course this lead to me making my own dream VH setlist, with the input of noted VH fan and Dann Halen lead singer Dann Miller. He initially sent me DH's setlist from their July show at Fitzgerald's, but we soon began adding other album tracks that we wanted to hear. You can see their whole set here on YouTube in it's entirety.

The VH setlist I came up with is obviously - thankfully? - devoid of the band's new material, which is still in the offing. OK, maybe February 7, 2012 if this pic is true. Word of new music from the band wasn't exactly greeted with open arms, and adding insult to injury for some fans, their tour trailer released on Monday morning didn't include any new tracks, just classics.

Our dream VH set comes complete with an "Eruption" opening, a raunchy acoustic interlude, and "(Oh) Pretty Woman" with the original "Intruder" intro from Diver Down. Our encore begins with a "Hot For Teacher", with that opening drum solo and (planned) fire on the stage, somewhere. Duh.

Now if the band can just deliver and brutally kick-ass show, new music, and stay together until the Houston date without violence or death....

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Craig Hlavaty
Craig Hlavaty

Good one! I wish 'Donut City' would get lyrics one day too.

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