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If you've gone to recently, you may have found yourself confused. Yes, you're on the right website. No, you eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Yes, we've undergone a bit of a facelift on our home page.

Don't freak out. Change is scary, yes, but we strongly feel that this change is for the better. Look at all those pretty pictures. Look at all the white space. Below is your guide to what's new on

Featured Stories and Latest Stories

The top of the new home page promotes six big stories of the day and replaces the rotating set of four stories on the right and the headlines list you used to see on the left of the home page. This is where you'll find the best of the new online issue as it goes live each Wednesday.

Best of the Blogs
Below the Latest Stores you'll see the very best posts from our four blogs, Hair Balls, Rocks Off, Eating Our Words and Art Attack, listed in order with the most recent posts first. Note that you can click on the headline to take you to that story; the blog's title in blue just above the headline to take you to that blog's main page; and the author's byline to take you to a list of that author's work. Music posts will say both Music and Rocks Off above the headline. You'll also be able to see which posts are generating the most discussion thanks to a comment count.

On the right side of this section you'll see our boxes for features slideshows, most popular stories, today's events calendar, and more.

Houston and Beyond

If you're looking for something from the print edition, you'll find those stories featured just below the blog posts, on the left hand side. On the right hand side are stories from our sister papers across the country, chosen by our web staff just for you.

As of right now, the home page is the only thing that's changed. All of our blogs still look the same, though there will be some improvement in the future to our slideshows, making viewing concert shots a much more pleasant experience. We're also planning some upgrades to our navigation bar so you'll be able to find exactly what you want that much quicker and easier.

If you like this new design let us know below. Hate it? Go ahead and unleash. We can take it.

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Ain't Broke
Ain't Broke

Are you kidding me???!!!  If you need to post a GUIDE to the new homepage, then you've provided your own feedback.  Not only is the new "design" aesthetically unappealing, it's impossible to find anything.  Who wants to view by what is deemed most viewed or most commented upon???  I just want what the good writers have to say in as democratic way as possible.  I certainly won't be visiting as often.  It takes too much TIME!!!


"... though there will be some improvement in the future to our slideshows, making viewing concert shots a much more pleasant experience."

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

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