AgesandAges: A Tale of Portland and Pearl Harbor

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As the year comes to its close and we welcome the cool temperatures and the grey skies, definitely our favorite weather, we turn to the Pacific Northwest and the band AgesandAges. Mick Cullen of Subterranean Radio, our dealer in all excellent and underground, passed along the music video for the band's song "Navy Parade (Escape From the Black River Bluffs)," and it is everything we could hope for.

The video chronicles songwriter Tim Perry as we watch him meander troubled through a day of work, support groups, and what we're fairly certain is a half-hearted suicide attempt from bridge spanning the Black River. His plaintive, wailing voice echoes lonely across a landscaped we've always wanted to visit, but it's not alone. All around Perry are the voices of a community that simultaneously tease and encourage.

In the end, despite some real pain that permeates the presentation, that's the overall sum of its parts. It's not the big old hug you get from a Polyphonic Spree song, but it is a warm pat on the back, a gentle, "Hey man, shit happens, let's go see if the answer is in the bottle of a bottom."

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While we were entranced, the thing we were most reminded of was Don Hertzfeldt's existential short animated film trilogy about a man named Bill. Just like "Navy Parade," Bill's life takes him through what appears to be a one way ticket to a fatal nervous breakdown and back, but as we follow both Perry and Bill they seem to find a place in the world to thrive.

Sure, in both cases there remain a myriad of mental landmines and a pretty good stock of despair, but hope is like morning light after a night of very bad drinking. It has a knack for finding you wherever you are, and AgesandAges have set that hope to music for all to appreciate and clap along too, though they will not spare us the fall that makes that hope so very necessary.

Check it out below.

We had a chance to talk to Perry about "Navy Parade." Click on over to Page 2 for the interview.

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