8 Hip Hop Collaborations We'd Like to See in 2012

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If we learned anything from hip-hop collaborations in 2011, it's that beef ain't what's hot anymore. Gone are the days where an argument manifests itself into a 40-minute mixtape or a DVD. The shelf life for fresh rap beef is approximately 24 hours. Not even two days ago, Twitter was flooded with tweets about Drake and Common's beef. Now, no one cares.

There are so many new artists coming out of the confines of the Internet that established rappers are faced with two choices: run with them or get run over. Take Bun B, for example. He's still current after over twenty years in the game, keeping his name alive with the help of some new names like Fat Tony and A$AP Rocky.

We've put together a list of rappers who we'd like to see collaborate in 2012. Some of them probably won't happen, some will. Who would you like to see work together? Remember, anything is possible if V-Nasty put out a mixtape with Gucci Mane.

Danny Brown x Death Grips

We think that Detroit rapper Danny Brown's style and shrill voice combined with the noise rock elements of hardcore rap group Death Grips could really compliment eachother. Plus, we'd really like to see more stuff like this from Death Grips.

Cam'ron x Max B

We can all agree that there's probably never going to be a Dipset reunion. Jim Jones hasn't had a hit since Max was on board ("Fly High") and Cam'ron's trying to make a come back with Vado. Those mixtapes just aren't wavy enough. At this point, only the power of Max B can revitalize Cam. There's a part of us that truly believes that 2012 will be the year that Max B is finally released from prison.

Juicy J x Fat Tony

Juicy J is alot like Bun B; he was part of one of the most influential Southern rap groups of the '90s, but he's still hot (and from what we hear, still wildin' out). Like Bun, he's collaborated with young and rising artists, peeping talent before the blogs do. If J has been paying attention, there might be some fat 'n juicy raps in the making for 2012.

2 Chainz x Machine Gun Kelly

Picnik collage.jpg
In 2011, Tity Boi changed his name to 2 Chainz and revived a previously dormant career by dropping a mixtape called T.R.U. REALigion. He's spoken of working with MGK, who is a tatted up white rapper. We yawned at first, too, but then we heard some of his beat selections. After 2 weeks of listening to nothing but 2 Chainz, the partnership made more sense. Throw in Waka Flocka for good measure, and we might think twice about bootlegging.

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