"And A S.W.A.T Team in a Pear Tree": Hip Hop Christmas songs

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Have you grown tired of hearing the same played out Christmas songs on 99.1 yet? Of course you have. Even if you avoid the radio, you hear the music at the grocery store, company holiday parties, even at bars you escape to in order to avoid holiday overcheer. It's almost depressing. Christmas can be crunk, and we're going to prove it to you.

With so many holiday parties going on this week and next, it might be hard to stay in the spirit after hearing Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas (Is You)" for the 600th time. It's time to spike your relatives' eggnog with some Henny (believe us, it's a good combination), spice up your Christmas party playlist, and get the party poppin'.

We put together a playlist of ten of our favorite hip-hop Christmas songs from unlikely artists who decided to join in the Christmas song tradition. We made sure to include tracks from Afroman, Jim Jones, Ying Yang Twins, and others that left us wondering why our friends at Sunny have no sense of hip-hop holiday hospitality.

Afroman "The 12 J's of X-Mas"
Afroman released this parody Christmas album, A Colt 45 Christmas in 2006. Afroman ditched the holly for weed and replaced the eggnog with a bottle of Colt 45. Tracks include "Oh Chronic Tree" and "Deck My Balls"

Ying Yang Twins "Deck Da Club"
This was a special find for us. We didn't know that the Ying Yang Twins were still making these kind of club songs. They've obviously stayed loyal to their crunk roots and are probably the only group to make a crunk Christmas album.

Mr. Lif "Santa's Got a Mothafuckin' Uzi"
Mr. Lif is usually one for heavy political rap, but he got in the holiday spirit (can't you tell by his cheerful face?) with this song about Santa robbing him.

Jim Jones ft. Stack Bundlez & J.R. Writer, "Ballin on X-Mas"
Jim Jones released his first Christmas album in 2006, called A Dipset Xmas. Even though the cover is pretty corny, this album is actually good enough to include in your holiday party rotation. It'll for sure be in ours, at least. It includes the pre-incarcerated Max B and the late Stack Bundles. Jones was quoted saying, "I wanted to make a Christmas album for kids in the hood and shit like that." It's not for the kids, though.

Busta Rhymes ft. Jim Carrey, "Grinch 2000"
This song was on the soundtrack to the Grinch movie, starring Jim Carrey, in 2000. Carrey does the introduction drop, still using his Grinch voice: "This is a Flip Mode Squad and Jim Carrey collabo!"

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