Tryptophanatics: Thanksgiving Lullabies For Your Post-Meal Snooze

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You've finished your Thanksgiving feast and endured a few hours of awkward conversation with the extended family you never see and now it's finally time for a holiday hibernation. You deserve it, it's the third most important part of Thanksgiving, after overeating and overdrinking.

No one really knows why we all get so sleepy after such a gluttonous day. It might be the tryptophan in the turkey, the boxed wine your aunt brought over, or the weed you smoked in order to properly enjoy the cornucopia.

There is no science behind what happens after 5 p.m., we just know that it's time to turn the lights off and put those holiday jammies on. We've put together a playlist of lullabyes to help you fall asleep and maybe even drown out the overzealous football fans in the living room.

Neil Young - "On The Beach"

No one really wants to fall asleep while listening to Neil Young, but the lamenting title track from the 1974 album balances a calming and repetitive melody with irregular guitar solos.

Radiohead - "You and Whose Army?"

This fuzzy track is a gradual crescendo until the 1:54 mark, when the song opens up to a climax of piano and percussion.

Grouper - "Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping"

Grouper is an reverb-heavy ambient project by Liz Harris. Harris' soft voice against the simple acoustic strum of the guitar sounds angelic and dark at the same time.

Iron & Wine - "Faded From The Winter"

This song is from the first LP that Sam Beam released as Iron & Wine in 2002. The Creek Drank The Cradle is a fall favorite for us.

Kurt Vile - "Beach On The Moon"

Vile is the the king of folky lo-fi and this particular song reminds us of a Bob Seger song our dad may have sung to us while tucking us into bed.

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