This Week in Music Videos: HPMA Nominee DeAndre Wright; Sydnee-Jane

Photo by Rizoh
One is wearing face paint; the other is rocking a bright-red lipstick and a big smile. One is surrounded by people in ball masks; the other is standing on the world's skinniest red carpet. Sydnee-Jane and DeAndre Wright, two of Houston's rising pop stars, premiered their first videos this week.

Sydnee-Jane, "Bad"
Director: Young Samm
Cameos: Rob Gullatte (p.k.a. Kritikal), N.O. Joe.

Held at the Contemporary Heights Gallery, Sydnee-Jane's "Bad" premiere was a lavish social gathering, replete with fancy artsy ornaments and good food. Paintings adorn the wall. Green and red balloons straddle the room. Patrons are eating sushi and hot wings, while sipping wine of various kinds. The one that catches our attention is something called Bitch.

There's also a half-naked man named Carl sprawled on a table, sushi rolls neatly displayed on his body. We pass on sushi.

Once the room is packed to the brim, Sydnee-Jane, nervous with excitement (it's her first video!) signals for the main event.

"Bad" doesn't disappoint. It's a low-budget, high-concept clip with an edgy vibe. Tidy. Fun. Cute. An unpretentious depiction of the "bad" guys that ruin good relationships. When she sings "You bad, you bad," she doesn't mean bad meaning good. There's more action in the action than in the words, more or less like a backyard motion picture. And you'll never look at blue eyeliner the same way ever again.

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I just don't get it that girl Deandre Wright can't sing!!! I've belted out better harmony in the bathroom....just being honest. she has a nice voice but she is as far as she's gonna make it. She can't compete with others in mainstream!

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