Still Corners: If You're Not Mad, You're Not in Love

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This week in our music video column we continue our exchange program with the unbeatable Mick Cullen of Subterranean Radio who keeps his finger so tightly on the pulse of stellar underground tunes that we always ask him for new ones whenever our supply runs low. He suggested an incredible psychedelic experience by UK band Still Corners for us to present to you.

The song is "Cuckoo" from the band's latest 7". They've put out a flawless stream of ethereal albums and ghostly singles since 2008, and "Cuckoo" is just the latest fever dream to willingly fall into. Tessa Murray's voice may be the most convincing proof of an afterlife there is as we are fully convinced she is the ghost of Ellie Goulding being transmitted back into time from her death far in the future.

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Despite its elegiac qualities, it's a bit more danceable than other Still Corners tracks. Not ghost dancer danceable, but actual danceable, and the perfect comedown from a night to regret and cherish. The video itself has a nice trippin'-at-the-nightclub vibe. Not that we'd know, no one will give us hallucinogens and it's probably for the best.

However, we've spent more than a few nights off to the side while the bodies writhe and the lights played across their leather and make-up. With just the right beat and state of mind you can feel the whole bacchanal turn from frenzied to languid, and time slows down enough for you to fully appreciate the courtships and releases moving in and out of the strobes and refractions.

"Cuckoo" is that mind-bending experience made into a simple, beautiful reality. True, it's neither the most groundbreaking thing we've ever seen in the medium, nor is it even much of an evolution of the band's music from previous releases, but what they do they do with exquisite beauty and haunting honesty. Check it out below.

We sat down with Greg Hughes of Still Corners to ask him a bit about "Cuckoo." Continue on to page two for the interview.

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