Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire Get Behind the Texans

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Slim Thug posted a video today for #ThugThursday simply titled "Houston" that is all about the Texans and he invited Paul Wall and Chamillionaire along for the ride, which we assume is not dirty.

The song, which opens with and samples throughout the NFL on Fox theme song (much better than the CBS theme though that is where the Texans are most weeks) and launches into a full-on love in for Houston and its NFL team. You really can't beat lyrics like:

I come through the line like Brian Cushing,
And I can't be stopped like JJ Watt.

There's even a shout out for "liberty white," "battle red" and "deep steel blue." Marc Vandermeer would be proud. We don't know if the Texans will actually use the song, but if we get a vote, we say crank that shit. Anything is better than Clay Walker, right?

Compare for yourself after the jump.

Clay Walker

Slim Thug

No contest.

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