RIP Crash Collins, Rock Disc Jockey Extraordinaire

Dennis "Crash" Collins, a legend of Houston rock radio, died this morning of prostate cancer complications. He was 68.

Originally a musician who played with B.J. Thomas and the Winter brothers, Johnny and Edgar, Collins' true calling was radio. He is best know for his time at KLOL-FM when the station, with its free-form rock format, was the rock station of choice. Many who recall that period in Houston remember Collins for his on-air motto, "Crash in your dash."

Collins was the epitome of laid-back hippie coolness. During his career he befriended virtually every major rock act that came out of Houston during that era. He was especially important in heavily aiding the national breakout of ZZ Top.

Collins, who remained active in radio through the mid-80s, was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2010.

Born in Nashville, Collins moved to Houston as a teenager. He graduated from Lamar High School.

Three is a benefit even for Collin's family November 13 at Concert Pub Galleria. Check back to the Rocks Off blog later this week for more information on that event.

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Crash was a very dear and treasured friend. I will miss hm sorely. A lot of people over the years have welcomed me in their homes, but none ever made me feel more honestly welced or than Crash and his lovely wife. When I left I always was totally glad a came. Crash may God make you feel as welcome as you and your sweet lovely wife didMe buddy. Love ya BroDanny Boom Boom Meazell

John Long
John Long

Crash was a neat guy and a great radio personality. I had the pleasure of working with him at KULF. Love and positive thoughts to his family.


FM rock radio was still fairly new and fresh when Crash was on air at K1O1. The station bumper stickers at that time around 1971 if I remember correctly had marijuana leafs on the logo. I also remember him hosting a late night local music show on TV for a short time. He definitely had some influence on the rock music scene of Houston at the time and of course was a musician himself. My condolences to his family and friends.

Mike Barfield


legend in a kid, on a good clear night, you could tune his rock n roll show in on the radio in Beaumont...."Crash in your Dash!"  RIP

                                                                                                               Jesse Dayton

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