Richardson and del Grosso Honored by Downbeat Magazine

While most of Houston only yawned when it was released, the Jonn Richardson/Rich del Grosso album Time Slips On By made Downbeat magazine's recently published Best of 2011 list.

Richardson, a monster picker who tours behind Diunnah Greenleaf and Otis Taylor, and del Grosso, a rare practitioner of blues mandolin and a frequent contributor to Blues Revue, are regulars on the local scene, playing everywhere from Shakespeare's Pub to the Big Easy blues jams.

We passed on the album when it was issued early this year. Our issue was primarily the songwriting, which we considered to be rather wooden and at times almost campy in a non-complimentary way. But obviously the folks at Downbeat do not agree.

Either way, congratulations are in order for Richardson and del Grosso. 2011 has been a blues year here at Rocks Off, and we're happy to see yet another example of why the scene is so strong and vibrant right now.

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Sonny Boy Terry
Sonny Boy Terry

I dunno about this writer's comments. I was at Rich and Jonn's CD release party and it was packed balls to the walls so he obviously has no business speaking for others except for himself. Also, given the Rich DelGrosso's name is spelled on the album cover very clearly, this Press writer manages to get it wrong in the headline as well as in the copy. Excellent album by Rich and Jonn. As soon as I heard it, I knew it would garner recognition throughout the blues industry and I know my taste in blues is fussier than a lot of people. My favorites on Time Slips on By are Mandolin Man and the title track Time Slips on By. Congrats to Rich and Jonn - two fantastic blues players and great guys who give a lot to our blues community. Thanks for representing Houston well.  

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