Rap Round Table: Who is Currently the Best Producer in Rap?

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

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This Week's Panel: Slim Thug, Mug, Yung Redd, Delo, Preemo, Chane, Brad Gilmore, Herney the Great, Mic Skills, more.This Week's Panel: Z-Ro, Preemo, Fat Tony, Tha Centop, Brad Gilmore, Chane, Herney, FLOSS, Yung Redd, Young Sensation

Not Invited: That guy from that thing.

This Week's Prompt: There's this site called Passion of the Weiss. It has branded itself as one of the Internet's premiere spots for intelligent discourse on music. They are currently unrolling a Best Producers of All-Time. We're watching very closely to see where Mike Dean and Pimp C land, because they absolutely have to be on there. In the meantime, the question: Who is currently the best producer in rap music?

Yung Redd: I would say Lex Luger and Drumma Boy for now. They're everywhere.

Tha Centop: None of them. To me, everything sounds the same.

Mac: I would go with Just Blaze, whoever makes Rick Ross's beats [most recently, it's been Lex Luger], Kanye.

Brad Gilmore: I'm sure some will disagree, but in my own opinion: Kanye West. The production he put into My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was utterly amazing. The whole album, production-wise, was awe inspiring. After listening to that LP, you can't deny his musical ear and extreme talent when it comes to production.

Young Sensation: Man, to me, I think 9th Wonder. I like the smooth shit, I guess. I guess it's all what you like.

The Mysterious Abe*: Big K.R.I.T. (it's so hip-hop bluesy), Just Blaze (SO cinematic), Kanye West (unabashedly emotional). Oh, and Scoop Deville is beasty.

*Abe isn't a rapper. He's a...actually, we're not entirely sure what he is. But he has jumped in enough conversations on Twitter for us to believe he possesses the necessary characteristics to participate in rap discussion.

Z-Ro: No such thing. It's what producer sounds the best with a certain artist or artists. For me, it's Beanz and Kornbread.

Fat Tony: It's Tom Cruz because he's extra tight. Besides him though, it's gotta be Lex Luger. He's everywhere.

Preemo: Three-way tie between Deonis "Puma" Cook from Dallas, Halllway Productionz out of Stockton, California and King Penn Beatz out of Atlanta.

Chane: I'd say its a tie between No ID and Kanye West. Their creativity is next to unmatched. They make that music that you can feel in your heart. And I unlike a lot of the new guys coming up. I never hear them recycling beats.

Herney: Kanye West, because George Bush doesn't like black people.

FLOSS: Best producer: Chris Rockaway*.

Chris Rockaway, by the way, produced that Jack Freeman song we linked to last week. For an ostentatious, foul-mouthed white guy, that guy has A LOT of soul.

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