Need A Band Name? Let A Random Gawker Headline Help You!

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Gawker is one of the most fun and informative sites on the innerwebs. Where else can you hear about the awful and sexy things that humans do to each other? Each day brings a new bounty of curiousness, like the one about the midget porn star Gordon Ramsay-lookalike that ended up being a hoax. It wasn't Gawker's fault.

Last week while perusing the site like we always do before bed, we realized that a lot of the headlines, or snippets of them, would make great band names. Then we imagined what each band would sound like, and what their fan base would be like, who would go to their shows, and the stupid mythology behind them all. Mostly based on what we hear about local bands.

So of course we took some of the best headlines from the past week on Gawker and got all cutesy and shit with it. Some stories you may recognize, like the Crybaby Governor and Loves To Fart On Girls from recent news.

Crybaby Governor

This band would play a lot of covers from The Band, and all have great beards, the kind you comb in traffic at red lights. They may even have a big female following, though all of the females are in fact just friends of the girlfriends of the guys in the band. Sad face.

Mystery Man Friend?

Saucy! Maybe kind of a fun, lounge thing? The band dresses up like Mad Men people? Busty female lead singer, and somewhere onstage there is an upright bass. They would play a lot of corporate functions for oil money people looking to feel hip. "Look honey, the drummer has a tattoo on his finger!"

Whiteface On The Streets

It's a Minor Threat cover band, built only for Halloween shows and birthday parties at Mango's, with a fat Ian MacKaye-lookalike on vocals.

Racist Tram Rant

Two-piece drums and bass duo, maybe ripping off from Death From Above a tad too much, but they get the room sweaty.

American Bro

American Bro would be a '90s-'00s alt-rock cover band that plays at places like Sherlock's bars on the weekends. Covering everything from Lit, Blue October, to Creed. You know who there are hair-metal tribute bands? These guys are a modern-rock tribute band. Baggy jeans, eyeliner, those shiny shirts from Bizarre Bazaar, the works. All Hail Stapp.

Protective Grandpa

You know your friend who has a kid in high school? This is his first punk band. Lots of Blink-182 rip-offs, songs about drinking two beers after school, making out with girls during Twilight, and everyone has a lip ring.

The Crying, Spying, Shit Lists

"Um, only my favorite new garage band ever. Dude, they don't even care what they sound like, and the drummer plays naked accept for a Batman mask. I think I graduated with him."

The Dildo Microphone

This musical-comedy does a lot of songs about hipsters, bicycles, pointy-boots, and Tumblr. They only play open mic nights, but their YouTube channel is hilarious.

Loves To Fart On Girls

LTFOG breaks up after two backyard shows because the bassist was spending too much time with The Crying, Spying, Shit List and the work was suffering. He just didn't want to do the music an injustice. That, and LTFOG's singer moved to Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend. Miss you bro. Skype me. (I think I made out with her one Halloween.)

Huge Crybaby Snitch

"You ever heard of Poison Idea? Huge Crybaby Snitch is like Poison Idea, but like, more folk somehow. I dunno, here's their flyer. I would go but my friend's bachelor party is that night."

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How about band titles from NYTimes headlines? "Nixon Resigns""Mandela Goes Free Today"and of course..."Titanic sinks four hours after hitting iceberg; 866 rescued by Carpathia, probably 1250 perish; Ismay safe, Mrs. Astor maybe, noted names missing" or "TSFHAHI866RBCP1250PISMAMNNM"


I think y'all could change your "there" to "their" in your dildo microphone segment. Or maybe its just the "hip" thing to do these days. Or is it daze?

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