Gothic Council Mutinies Over "This Corrosion" Cover

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We still haven't gotten around to setting up our iTunes account on the new phone yet. Since we mostly listen to the NPR live stream in the car anyway it's not a big deal, but every once and a while we get a sudden urge for a certain tune. Usually YouTube solves the trick nicely, and it was during a search for Sisters of Mercy's "This Corrosion" that we came across this cover of the classic goth tune by a group called Lambchop.

Lambchop is an alternative country band out of Nashville, and they released "This Corrosion" on a bonus disc for their 2002 album Is a Woman. The tracks are stark, minimalistic tunes, and the Andrew Eldritch cover in particular is deeply sinister and haunting. Being the big fans of Southern Gothic and dark country that we are, we knew we just had to share this interpretation with our friends on the Gothic Council.

Joining us this week is DJ Martin Oldgoth, living historian Morrighanne Burns, author of the Encyclopedia Gothica Liisa Ladouceur, blogger at Night's Plutonian Shore Sarah Fanning, co-founder of the Age of Decay festival Alethea Carr, and fashion designer Batty.

Here's the video for Lambchop's interpretation. We thought it would be met with acclaim. We were wrong.

Martin Oldgoth: I'm not that impressed to be honest. I'm one of those people that believe that the Sisters should have stopped at First and Last and Always, and that there were far better bands than them to start with. Sorry! If it's covers of this track then I think the Diane Birch with The Phenomenal Handclap is the better one.

Morrighanne Burns: My favourite cover is In Extremo's version. Sometimes the cover can be really good in it's own right like XPQ21 and their cover of "Bela Lugosi." I have to say I'm not too keen on the Lambchop cover but they have made it into something completely different.

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I love the original and I love this cover.


Hell yeah, lambchop rules.

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