Fun Fun Fun Fest: The Dust-Covered Aftermath Featuring The Damned, Spoon, Tinariwen, And Slayer

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Photo By Marc Brubaker
Lots of pictures from Fun Fun Fun Fest 6, including band shots and crowd shots.

The dry air and dust at Auditorium Shores made the market for bandanas very lucrative, and a fashion staple was reborn.

This year Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest moved away from Waterloo Park, the festival's stomping grounds since it began in 2006, and into the large expanse of Auditorium Shores right off Lady Bird Lake. It was a major step for the festival, which keeps growing by leaps and bounds year by year, with the talent pool growing more star-studded and bands coming out of hibernation for reunion sets.

This year was made trickier by the dry air, dirt, and dust permeating the grounds, which sometimes made breathing a fun fun fun task, but didn't damper the mood of the fans and artists who made the Shores their home from Friday to Sunday.

The festival's stages, Yellow, Black, Blue, and Orange were situated farther out than we had been used to in earlier editions of FFFF, but the great weather made walking to the punk and metal-intensive Black stage a bit easier.

This year's drama was Danzig arriving for his set almost an hour late, cutting his two-hour allotted time in half and running up against the city's strict 10 p.m. cut-off. He was to perform a "Danzig Legacy" show, featuring solo hits, Samhain cuts, and Misfits bedrock anthems, but he only eked out two Misfits songs. He did manage to show off his less-interesting solo work, to his credit or discredit, depending on how you feel. The Samhain set was interesting, with Danzig donning a gimp mask.

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Photo By Marc Brubaker
Check out our blog from Saturday morning to get the skinny. For some reason, Danzig fans are blaming the city and the festival for something that was brought upon by Danzig himself, but you decide for yourself. We only got to hear "Death Comes Ripping" and "Vampira", two of the Misfits songs we dislike the most. Sad Crimson Ghost face.

Elsewhere, actor Ryan Gosling was seen around the park shooting scenes for the film Lawless with director Terence Malick, to the apparent delight of both sexes. We couldn't get close enough to smell, hug, or touch him, sadly.

On Sunday afternoon, 2011's poster boys for bad behavior Odd Future landed on FFFF with their skateboards in tow for the closing set on the Blue stage. We saw them skating around the park, taking turns riding a mechanical bull, and generally being young and obnoxious. We may have seen them barking at fans near Henry Rollins' Yellow stage set too.

For their set that had the photo pit closed, lest anyone were to get kicked, punched, or drenched. The accused Left Brain was walking around the grounds in a Josh Hamilton jersey all weekend.

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Do the FFFF organizers have enough money to resod Auditorium Shores? LOL!

Marc Brubaker
Marc Brubaker

I'd like to add in Spoon's great Saturday night set, which I saw almost in total. Houston punks and punk lovers, get hip to the OBN III's if you're not already acquainted with them - they put on a hell of a show.

Zero Boys set was great as well, including Paul asking the crowd, "Who's in a band? Put your hand up. Yeah, there's just nothing like plugging an electric guitar into a Marshall. It really resonates your second chakra."

And of course, but this is a given: Henry Rollins.

Mary Rehak
Mary Rehak

Seconding Zero Boys' awesomeness... Also, Paul hitting the photo pit before their set to chat with the front row (including that guy with the Zero Boys shirt who was front and center) was just a totally cool thing to do.

Ty Segall giving away his guitar at the end of the set was pretty damn cool, and I was at the skate ramp at the end of Boris, but thought I saw someone walking towards Slayer with Boris' gong... did that actually happen? Because if so, that rocks.

Marc Brubaker
Marc Brubaker

Crap! I forgot to throw Budos Band in there. Stellar stuff.

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