2011 Rewind: Concert Tickets From An Alternate Universe

This originally ran on June 8, but seeing that the year is coming to an end, we are looking back at some of our favorite blogs we gave to you these past 12 months.

One of the best dreams we ever had was of covering a Clash show for Rocks Off. Yeah, dreaming about work isn't something to brag about, but we remember the dream fondly. Hell, we don't even think we tweeted once during the dream, which was a first. The best part about the dream was fighting for a Joe Strummer guitar pick with the dad from Family Ties.

What? It's a dream, and for the record, we kicked Michael Gross' ass.

A few weeks back we found a few concert-ticket generators online and set about making our own: Shows we can't see because people are dead, broken up beyond repair, or just obstinate. The worst part was figuring out who would play where, and assuming that none of them would be relegated to smaller venues. Obviously the Beatles and Bob Dylan would never play low-attendance venues, but you never know how much an artist could go in decline.

Jimi Hendrix could have made plenty of non-fatal drug errors in the '70s and '80s and lost his step and been playing clubs in the Heights, remaining an influential albeit fallen idol. We couldn't think of anyone adequate to open for the Beatles, so you can use your imagination. Marc Bolan and T. Rex could very well be playing the Continental Club tonight instead of Dick Dale.

Man, after he got sick of rap and hip-hop and started acting, most notably as an alien in Men In Black II and his HBO comedy series, Shakur really got into soul. Renditions of "Haily Mary" and "Brenda's Got a Baby" with a raunchy back-up band help his comeback tour sell out most every venue.

On what is the band's third reunion tour since 1983, the Beatles are now seasoned stadium veterans. Each member gets his own solo set with the other backing him, sort of how the Eagles do things now. On this tour they play Let It Be in its entirety, and we spend $60 on one shirt.

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Edith Partida
Edith Partida

The Strokes opening for John Lennon???!! You must be getting inside my dreams!

John Seaborn Gray
John Seaborn Gray

Billy Preston would, of course, play a brief opening set for the Fab Four, before returning later to take the stage with them.

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