Baby Goose On The Loose: Ryan Gosling At Fun Fun Fun Fest, Catches A Fat Tony Set

Photo By Craig Hlavaty
Ryan Gosling, current Hollywood it boy and probable Oscar nominee for this year's Drive, is here in Austin with director Terence Malick filming scenes for the upcoming feature Lawless. You may remember that at Austin City Limits Festival in September that Christian Bale was also with Malick lensing with Malick for the same picture.

That's Malick directing his cast and crew with Gosling in the middle of the action. Fans were clamoring for snapshots with Gosling as he was filming, mostly unaware that the cameras were rolling.

Social media jumped on the case, following Gosling along the way at FFFF. There is already a Tumblr account dedicated to him here, Ryan Gosling At Fun Fun Fun Fest, with pics of the actor in various places on the festival grounds. Faith Silva, who has shot some stuff for Rocks Off, managed to snag a pic with Gosling on Friday. No word yet on how dreamy he smelled or if you fall in love with him when his eyes look into yours.

Photo By Marc Brubaker
A few hours ago Rocks Off was in the expansive media area looking on as Gosling and co-star Rooney Mara were filming a scene with garage-rockers the Black Lips, where one of the band members smashed a Lone Star can into his forehead.

Rocks Off and photographer Marc Brubaker were behind the action so we may be Hollywood stars in 2013 when the film hits the screen. Remember the dude in the Cats shirt grinning like a jackass.

Gosling was also seen at Houston rapper Fat Tony's gig at the Mohawk last night on Red River, and of course pictures made it onto to Twitter and Gosling FFFF Tumblr. No word yet if Gosling "bought his shit" but we will keep you posted.

That's a Fat Tony reference.

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Is that Jared from The Black Lips? Is he in this film? Interesting.

Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood


And the millions and millions of readers who are fans of IT Boys and IT Girls who will be probable Oscar nominees have just closed their browsers permanently and moved over to The Chon or Free Press.

I think Editors refer to that as a De-Marketing strategy for new readers and a solid Promotional Strategy to 'tickle' the ego of that tiny group of souls who don't like IT Boys and IT Girls.

A rather excellent example, actually.


i guess i should learn to

Craig Hlavaty
Craig Hlavaty

Yes, at one point they were filming stuff together. I'm interested in what this flick is about myself.

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