7 Houston Rap Tributes by Non-Houston Rappers

Photo by Rizoh
Bun B: I wonder if this is how you do the presidential wave
Are you happy with your current city? Yeah? Then feel free to ignore this list of rappers from other cities drooling over all things Houston. It's likely to breed envy. Some of these come from gushing fans and some are random, but the vast majority illustrate just how much rappers love Houston. Dig in.

7. Yelawolf - "Everything I Love the Most"

Yelawolf on "Everything I Love the Most": "Uh, smokin' out, throwin' up/Keep a fifth up in my cup"
Pimp C on "Big Pimpin'": "Uh, smokin' out, throwin' up, keepin' lean up in my cup"

Yelawolf, an avid UGK disciple, shouts out Pimp C on "Everything I Love the Most."

6. J. Cole - "Bun B for President"

"Ay, we should have elections. I say 'Bun B for President.' He represents the real niggas."

The term "favorite rapper's favorite rapper" gets thrown around a lot, but only a handful of MCs truly merit that title. Bun B is somewhere near the top of the list. Proof: J. Cole went to the studio one night and made a song urging Bun B to run for President. There are 24 people actually running for President right now. You know how many songs rap songs have been written about them? Zero.

5. Drake - "Over my Dead Body"

Pay attention to the last seven seconds of "Over My Dead Body." It samples DJ Screw's 3 N tha Morning. You'll hear Screw doing his version of Jamaican toasting which later inspired rap DJs to talk annoyingly over every record. Except, Screw's style had a certain charm to it, everything consonant drawn out and shit: "Stillll goinnn' downnn. Nahhhmsayinnn'...goooin dooown...3 in the morninnn'."

4. Drake - "Underground Kings"

I do it for the city, cause you know the city love a nigga
Do it for the city, cause you know the city love a nigga
Do it for the city, cause you know the city love a nigga
Do it for the city, (UGK fuck these other niggas)

Yes, Drake is contractually obligated to tip his hat to UGK on every album. Otherwise, uncle Bun B would be forced to revoke his honorary UGK membership and Young Aubrey would just probably end up going Jamaal on us one misty Sunday. We don't want that.

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Sir, you did forget to mention Lil Wayne's me and my drank, where he sings Big Moe's Barre Baby.


That's a good one, but this list is strictly 2011.

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