15 Odd Christmas Gift Ideas for Musicians

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As the timeless tale of the Little Drummer Boy reminds us, there is no greater gift than the gift of music. But what about those on your Christmas list who already have plenty of music in their lives? Buying gifts for musicians is no easy task -- most of them already own the entire Rush discography, and subtle hints that maybe, possibly they should consider taking lessons are impossible to wrap.

That's why it's necessary to think a bit outside the box when stuffing a musician's stocking. Because reading is easier than thinking, Rocks Off has taken the generous step of compiling this handy list of odd, interesting and downright cool gift ideas for the musicians in your life. Just don't forget the earplugs -- for yourself.

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You failed to mention WHERE do we acquire these treasures for giving?

Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith

Just click the blue titles above each photo, Dork.  They're hyperlinks that will carry you away to websites offering these wonderful toys for purchase.  



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