Yes, deadhorse Is Playing Warehouse Live Saturday

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Ahh, the Internet - better than a game of Telephone.

About an hour ago, the quiet of Rocks Off's peaceful Thursday afternoon (not really) was shattered by a phone call from Houston thrash-metal legends' deadhorse's manager. Evidently there is a rumor going around that Saturday's show at Warehouse Live is not happening, and it most definitely is.

Unfortunately, the manager was at his other job and not near a computer, so he couldn't tell us specifically where this rumor came from, except that it was somehow tied to something we had posted. Rocks Off suspects that it might be this item, which was a clarification that original deadhorse singer Michael Haaga would not be participating in the show, as we were originally told.

But just to be 100 percent clear: Yes, deadhorse is playing. No, Michael Haaga is not. The lineup playing Saturday is the one that released the 1996 EP boil(ing), most of whom later continued mucking up local eardrums as Pasadena Napalm Division.

As Rocks Off wrote in print this week, we are disappointed that Haaga is not part of the reunion - maybe someday - but we've never seen any lineup of deadhorse live, so we are still looking forward to the show. Which, one more time, is definitely happening.

Venomous Maximus and Bowel are opening. See more information on the Warehouse Live Web site.

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Herman Lives
Herman Lives

If Michael Haaga isn't playing..then Deadhorse is not playing.


I had the pleasure of witnessing two deadhorse shows; the first was a gig at the Vatican a night or two after Christmas, I believe the year was 1992; the second was at the Main Street Annex in Lubbock, where I was a student at the time. Both were righteous. The show at the Vatican was absolutely mad. I regret that I no longer own a tape deck. Have they ever released any of these albums on CD or vinyl?

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