Troubled Fantasy: Creepy Wax Figures Of John Lennon

Benjamin Franklin, is that you?
It's a big week for Beatles fans, which is like saying it's a big week for people who like air and water. Yesterday was John Lennon's 71st birthday, and tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of "Imagine." The Martin Scorsese-directed doc on George Harrison's life, the beyond stellar George Harrison: Living in the Material World, premiered last week on HBO. Not to be outdone, Paul McCartney married for the third time, tying the knot with his girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

Lennon's legacy is obviously massive and influential, and his message lives on now, almost 31 years since his murder in 1980. But aside from all that, aside from the rightful adoration and worship - though Harrison became our favorite Beatle this week - is the inherent creepiness of most every wax figure made of Lennon.

Now, we aren't artists, and we probably hardly count as writers, but some of the renditions of Lennon we have found online are beyond the pale. Maybe his face changed too much, maybe he is hard to pin down in the wax medium, or we're better off just looking at pictures of him. Some of the versions we have seen range from crude Jesus-like visages, some sort of red-cheeked Clifford-style imp, to inadvertent John Kalodner-looking mannequins. If you know who Kalodner is without Googling him, high five!

We picked out a handful of Lennon wax dummies from around the world, no doubt made by well-meaning artisans, faithful fans, and maybe, just maybe, a few die-hard Yoko Ono haters who hated Lennon so much for pairing up with the Japanese-American artist and breaking up the band that they decided to turn him into a grotesque, child-scaring monster in Cuban heels.



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Okay, show me a wax figure of ANYBODY that isn't at least somewhat creepy.

Raejean Imler French
Raejean Imler French

I imagine we should get back to discussing this on Halloween, re-animate them, and then have them demonically battle it out, not giving peace a chance. Then we can have Yoko come in with the torch she's still carrying for his legacy and set them all ablaze in a conceptual art happening. Last one to melt gets to come together and write a song about the experience with Paul McCartney.

Carry on...


I think everyone has their own picture of Lennon in their mind, but most of these either made want to throw up or scared me to death.  The last one is not too bad.


Except for the one with the beard, none of them looks like John Lennon

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