Last Night: Anthrax & Testament At Warehouse Live

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Photos by Matthew Keever
You can't stand still at an Anthrax show. It's not that it isn't allowed; it's that it isn't possible. The floor shakes, your ears and chest pound in rhythm with the bass and percussion, and you're inevitably swept up into the heavy, fast-paced music as your head spins.

Depending on your state of mind, it can be one of the greatest feelings you've ever had, or it can be both nauseating and overwhelming. Aftermath fell into the former category, probably because we've been to enough shows that not much surprises us anymore, but by the end of the night, a number of fans had had to excuse themselves, first to the restroom then to their cars and all the way back home.

We, meanwhile, stood transfixed near the back of the crowd, watching as Anthrax and Testament drew the crowd into a frenzy for a few hours.

From the mosh pit in the front to the head bangers in the back, everyone in attendance seemed to have gotten what they came for: METAL!

At 10 p.m. Sunday night at Warehouse Live, the crowd began to chant, "Anthrax! Anthrax!" They screamed as the stagehands set up the drum kit, tuned the band's guitars and tweaked the volume levels of the microphone. Ten minutes later, once the volume was loud enough to shatter glass, Anthrax were onstage.

Thirty years and 10 albums later, they've still got it.

Antrhax have had quite the tumultuous few years, recording an entire album only to part ways with their lead singer, which forced them to find a new (errr... former) lead singer with whom they rerecorded some songs, rewrote others and even came up with a few from scratch.

With all that personal drama, it's surprising how good (and political, for that matter) the finished product turned out to be. But Anthrax knew their fans had been patient, which is why their first single "Fight 'Em Til You Can't" was available for a free download on the band's web site. And the band didn't disappoint with the rest of the album either, which has received positive critical reception. The fans Sunday night loved every minute of it, surfing above the heads of one another in an attempt to get closer to the rock stars onstage.

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Warehouse Live

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Itchykorean love for death angel anywhere on this tour.  really sad since these boys have been thrashing it since the early 80's!  the entire line-up tore it up at warehouse.  and you're right, i had gotten a photo pass thru gene hoglan/testament but the bouncers/security wouldn't let me take pictures of anthrax.  yet, they let me take photos of death angel?  pretty lame.  


The last time I saw Anthrax was the "B" tour in 1991. That was the tour with Public Enemy and Primus. Last night was almost as good, and just as much fun. I totally lost it when they played "Metal Thrashing Mad", as I hoping for, but not expecting them to play it.How many Red Bulls did Joey drink? He looked ready to play another set at the end.

Dane C. Posner
Dane C. Posner

I would've LOVED to see them with Public Enemy! Last night was the first time I saw them (I missed them by like 3 minutes at the Slayer show last year, which sucked because Anthrax is definitely my favorite out of the Big Four)...I was not disappointed! Sure, I got kicked in the skull with some crowd surfer's boot and kicked in the weak spot of my leg, causing me to limp in the pit, but that's expected when you get CAUGHT IN A MOSH! \m/(>.<)\m/ F***in' KILLER show!!!

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