Last Night: Murs At Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Jae Tovar
Murs, Tabi Bonney, Ski Beatz
October 2, 2011

Murs, Tabi Bonney and Ski Beatz dropped into Fitzgerald's Sunday for an intimate show in the Heights, Murs and Bonney's second time at Fitz this year. Bonney entered the stage at 10 p.m., wearing white skinny jeans and a red polo shirt, accompanied by live band The Senseis and his music videos playing on a projector screen behind him.

The crowd was filled with folks who seemed too cool to cheer but calmly bobbed their heads to each song. Bonney's stage presence with the band was gracefully effortless, as the Washington, D.C. resident danced as if he were at home in a go-go club. Bonney directs most of his music videos himself, so he took pride in announcing which videos can be caught on MTV Jams.

"If you don't have MTV Jams make sure you go to a friend's house that has cable to check this song out," said Bonney.

Murs has also directed some music videos for fellow DC rapper Wale. "I just want to shout out my city DC and a big shout out to Africa - I was born there in Togo," added Bonney, whose latest album The Summer Years dropped September 27.

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In his 45-minute set, Bonney (right) performed songs from The Summer Years as well as "Nuthin But a Hero" and his hit "The Pocket" from his first album A Fly Guy's Theme.

Around 11:30, Murs went onstage with producer Ski Beatz and the Senseis. The crowd surrounded the stage, still coolly bobbing their heads, but a few hands went up in the air from time to time. We missed Ski Beatz set but the man responsible for producer Jay-Z classics like "Dead Presidents" and "Feelin It" came back on stage to DJ Murs' set.

"This song was never for sale so if you know it, I hope you stole it from somewhere, I don't care I just want you to hear it" Murs said before performing "Better than the Best." Aftermath ran into H-town's own Fat Tony in the crowd, who said, "Murs is a good friend of mine so I came out to support." (Murs is also featured on Fat Tony's song "Luv It Mayne.")

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