Last Night: Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull at Toyota Center

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Photos by Marco Torres
What do you get when a Latino playboy from Spain joins forces with a Cuban party animal from Miami? The biggest fucking dance party that Houston has ever seen, that's what. The Euphoria Tour rolled into the Toyota Center last night and filled it with party anthems, lasers, confetti, and in Aftermath's case...temporary loss of hearing. That's the last time we forget our earplugs in our other camera bag.

First up to bat was Pitbull, who released his latest album Planet Pit back in June and has become one of music's top collaborators, charting several hits this summer with the help of Ne-Yo, Marc Anthony, T-Pain, and David Guetta. He bounced to the stage with his signature suit, shades, and swagger. The energy he brings is contagious, and his cocky smile drives the ladies crazy. He offered up the fist-pumper "I Know You Want Me" that led to "Rain Over Me", before settling into a medley of hits from his debut album M.I.A.M.I.

Photos by Marco Torres
Pit's music shuffles from hip-hop, to salsa, samba, and merengue with ease, touching both on his Latin roots and his hustler upbringing. He once claimed in an interview that he chose the name Pitbull because that dog breed is illegal in Dade County (FL), and when they bite down, they lock in. And he was certainly locked in on this night. He closed with his biggest hit to date, the anthemic "Give Me Everything (Tonight)."

After a short break, the lights dimmed once again for the headliner. A translucent white curtain was draped over the stage, and once it dropped, the party truly begun. Iglesias wasted no time by setting the mood with "Tonight (I'm Loving You)", going as far as to replace the word "loving" with "fucking," sending the sexy single ladies into a frenzy.

Aftermath was a bit puzzled with the amount of AutoTune the singer used in his opening numbers, but the crowd didn't seem to mind. He slowed down enough to the sing "Cuando Me Enamoro," the first single off of Euphoria. The song stars in Aftermath's Spotify "Latin Music" playlist, especially because Juan Luis Guerra can do no wrong in our book.

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Toyota Center

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Laura Rivera
Laura Rivera

The guy who threatened you was HILARIOUS! couldn't help but laugh at the situation when I saw him arguing with you! <3 the concert and the review!

Juanita Jaimes
Juanita Jaimes

Great write-up of the concert and great pics!! You captured exactly what we the fans were thinking. Great job!!

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